Falling in Love

Story about a young 17 year old girl named Isabella, she recently had moved in with her mother in Holmes Chapel, Chesire and then has to move in with someone. She falls in love with Harry, but then she meets someone who she thought she would never would, Feelings for Harry, start to drift away, but they seem to come back, as they get closer....


2. The Dinner.

I woke up the next morning with so many thoughts in my head, thinking and thinking. I couldn't stop thinking about him probably stealing the money and whatsoever using me for it. I've never felt so used in my entire life. I went downstairs quietly, and there was my mum making breakfast. "Hi, mum what smells so good?" I said giving her a smile.

"Hmm... Pancakes" She said laughing.

"We'll, it smells delicious." I said.

I then walked up to her and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. I sat down on the kitchen table and she put my pancakes down. I gave her a smile. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Could it be Harry? I was so not in the mood for even seeing him right now.

"I'll be right back, get the door, please." She said

"Umm....okay" I said.

"We'll what are you waiting for, Bella?" She said laughing.

"Oh right.." I said. I walked really slowly to the door, and thankfully it wasn't Harry. Thank goodness, I assume it was his aunt or mother, i dont know. Wonder why she was here, though.

"Oh hello, honey I was expecting to see your mother.." She said laughing.

"Oh well, she's a bit busy, so yeah that's why Im here at the door." I said laughing.

"Well, I was just here to make sure my son, Harry, came to tell you we want to invite you for dinner this evening.." She said.

It was the perfect time to lie about us deciding not to go since we're very busy, it was my final chance and it had to be told before she came back.

"Oh yeah, about that we -" I got cut off by mom coming in and finishing the rest of my sentence.

"We would love to go! It'd be incredible to be friends with a neighbor!" She said.

"Yeah..." I said forcing a smile.

"That's very brilliant to hear from both of you, I'm looking very forward for this dinner!" She said before she left.

After she left, I tried not to close the door with too much fierce. "Mum!" I said yelling at her.

"What?" She said with a confused look.

"Why didn't you say no!" I said.

"Well, I thought you were looking forward to this as well like you said yesterday.?" She said.

"Not anymore! I'm not going." I said.

"Yes you are, how rude would it be with me only going!" she said

"But mom, you don't understand!" I said.

"No buts! Now go to your room!" She said.

"Whatever.." I mumbled.

I walked up the stairs like usually, but with the worst feeling ever, I mean how awkward will it be for me tonight? I mean trying hard not to let my anger out. Pretending I never saw him with that girl. And definitely pretending I never saw the money missing.. Time was ticking and the clock had strikes 6:00. My mom yelled all the way from downstairs to up here for me to get ready. At this point I really didn't care how I looked like. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a normal shirt.

"I'm done!" I yelled.

"Okay, i'm coming upstairs to see you!" She said.

When she came in her facial expression was just too funny I had to laugh!.

"What is this that you're wearing?!" She said.

"Umm, skinny jeans and a shirt?" I said laughing.

"Oh you think this is funny?!" She said trying hard to be serious.

"Yes!" I said.

We both bursted out laughing like maniacs, it was fun though. My mom can never be serious. Honestly, I love her no matter what.

"Well, you're still not going to the dinner, looking like that!" She said.

"You know, you have a very big closet for a reason, and lots of clothes for a reason as well!" She said.

"Yesss, but I'm not in the mood for dressing up nicely.." I said.

She digged through my whole entire closet looking for the "perfect outfit". And my jewerly. It's just pathetic to look good when you don't want to since the person you wanna impress wouldn't give a damn.

She threw the entire outfit in my bed, and it was actually gorgeous but I don't know if I will feel comfortable looking like this while Harry's there.

I finished changing into my short black dress and putting my heels on, so I went over to my bathroom and starting curling my long brown hair. I was about to finish but then I had received a new text message unknown saying 'Can't wait to see you tonight, beautiful xx ;) " . I straight up knew who it was I put down my phone and just ignored. I was done full ready and I grabbed my coat and my purse and headed downstairs. (A/N: the outfit ; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=70241877 )

"Wow..my daughter is looking gorgeous this evening!" She said.

"Thanks mom, you look gorgeous too!" I said smiling.

"Ready to go..?" she said.

"Yeah.. sure" I said with confidence.

We walked to their house, which was actually better than driving. We were right next door so yeah it was cool, I guess. We were standing there and my mother knocked on the door. And his mother had answered thankfully.

"Oh, it's you beautiful girls, come in!" She said.

"Aww, that's very sweet of you Anne! You're looking gorgeous tonight!" She said.

I just gave her a small smile and looked around if Harry was anywhere, he was probably not gonna be here today. Yes! I thought to myself.

"May I have your coats and put them somewhere safely?" She asked.

"Yes, please" My mother said while handing it as well as I did.

"Sweetie, why don't you go upstairs and find my daughter Gemma and become friends?" She said.

"Oh yes, I'd love to" I said.

I walked up the stairs with shivers down my back, shaking. I was looking through the doors, and one door was slightly opened so I decided to look from that small hole. I slowly peeked until I saw a pair of green eyes meet my blue eyes. Gosh, that was very scary. I was about to run down the stairs but I tripped over a stair, and Harry had caught me, his hands were located by my waist.

"Woah, there be careful.." He said smiling at me.

"Yeah, I know you didn't have to catch me.." I said taking his hands off my waist.

"Damn, someone is very sassy today, attractive" He said whistling at me

I ignored him, who did he think I was? A dog, aha no. He then stopped me with his ignorant words.

"Maybe you shouldn't have looked through the small hole, you stalker" He said with a smirk.

I turned back and immediately went up to him, who did he think he was thinking  I'd ever stalk him, like please, um never.

"Me? Stalk you? Ahaha, tell me more. I was looking for your sister wondering which room was hers, guess you just think I want you? Haha no." I said laughing at him sarcastically.

He was about to say something back to me holding his fist at me, he got cut off by his mother. I was holding on to his fist anyways, he wouldn't have hurt me.

"Dinner is ready! Come down!" Anne said.

"I'm coming!" I said.

"Can't believe you would ever do this, you asshole." I said letting go off his fist with fierce.

"What happened here?!" She said yelling at me.

"Nothing!" I said.

You could never imagine how much, I hated him at this point, to know he would ever do that to a girl? How disrespectful, that made me want to cry. I stayed strong though, because the fact I was so angry, I couldn't cry. I walked in the dining room, with a fake smile, like nothing had happened. I was told to sit in the middle of some empty seats which I was assuming was Gemma's and Harry's seats. Oh boy, help me.That's when Harry had come in with his sister Gemma, she looked at me with disgust. I'm trying so hard to keep my mouth shut from saying any shit to her.

"Sorry, for keeping you all waiting.." He said giggling.

"Well, I will not be able to make this dinner tonight, I need somewhere to go. I apologize even though I was looking forward to this, I have to leave, bye everyone!" Gemma said.

"Bitch.." I mumbled.

I know why she left, obviously because she couldn't stand me. Whatever like I cared what she thought about me, Harry is a jerk. If she knew what he did, then she would be in my side. But no, she defends her douchebag brother.

"Well, I guess it'll just be us without my daughter, sorry for this.." She said.

"Don't worry, let's just enjoy this dinner, I love this food." My mom said.

I was sitting next to Harry and I just wanted to punch Harry right through the face, what the hell was he thinking? That I could just fall in love with him but just using me that's it. Well, he was genious. But now, no guy can start using me and taking advantage of me. Gosh, that hurts a lot. I don't want to go through it again. It was really awkward most of the time to be honest. They were talking about jobs, family and lots of loves from back then awkward. I finished my food, and I went to place it in the dishwasher. Then, Harry had finished and his mum said something I wish never escaped from her mouth. Harry seemed a little funny during the dinner, what had happened to him? Like he said useless things. And weird things.

"Why don't you both, go to a store and buy some supplies together, since school starts in a week?" She said.

"Umm.. I-" Once again I got cut off by my mum.

"That's an excellent idea! Here honey, some money for you." She said.

"Gee, thanks mom but I kind of want to change into a more comfortable outfit to go to a store.. may I go change first?.." I said giving her a look.

"Oh yeah sure, Bella!" She said.

"I'll be right back." I said with anger in my voice to Harry.

"Kay.." He said laughing

"What the fuck? I asked my self. I walked slowly to my house, and I changed quickly into a black jumper and skinny jeans and black boots. I honestly didn't want to be around Harry at this moment he annoys me. I walked back and there he was sitting by the door. I came there and he just walked to his car and began driving.

He was laughing randomly and he seemed a little sleepy. I was kind of scared what if we crashed or something? I don't know but this is just stupid. We finally arrived to the store. I heard like someone falling, after I got out of the car. Maybe it was just a possum or something. I began walking and I thought Harry was behind me the whole time but he wasn't. I was about to go in the store until I went back and I saw the car of Harry's door opened. I quickly ran over there and there was Harry knocked up in the floor with his nose bleeding. As much as I didn't want to help him, I did anyways. I wasn't just going to leave him there possibly dieng. I went in the back seat and I tried my best to lift Harry up. I laid him down in the back seat and I was seating close by him, taking out napkins to stop his nose bleed. I quickly went into the store and bought that kid aid thingy. I came back and I put an icepack and his forehead. I was stroking his hair and smiling at the way he sleeps. I don't know but when I did that I felt like I just felt a different Harry then I had met,I think I like Harry. 

As I was stroking his hair, his eyes opened. And I quickly removed my hand from his hair.

"What..ar-re you doing here?" He said. 

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