Falling in Love

Story about a young 17 year old girl named Isabella, she recently had moved in with her mother in Holmes Chapel, Chesire and then has to move in with someone. She falls in love with Harry, but then she meets someone who she thought she would never would, Feelings for Harry, start to drift away, but they seem to come back, as they get closer....


4. School ...

I had so much to think about last night, I honestly couldn't sleep at all due to the fact that I think I did the wrong thing, But Imwon't let get to me. My inner voice just keeps saying lots of things that get to me when in fact, I do know I did the right thing. I woke up and opened my eyes wide and saw Anne trying to wake me up.

"Honey, are you awake?" She said.

"Oh yeah, sorry, didn't sleep well last night." I said.

"That's okay, it's time for school, I'll make you some breakfast to wake you up." She said.

"Thanks, I'll get changed quickly." I said.

She left my room and I went to my closet, searched and searched, But I wanted to dress simple not way too much. The final out fit ; http://www.polyvore.com/blue/set?id=72826357 .

I grabbed my backpack from the floor and got out of the door closing it, on my way to looking there was Harry staring at me and then looking at the floor. While we were walking down the stairs, it was awkward, really awkward, how great.

"Look at you, Harry, looking handsome for the ladies!" She said.

Harry started blushing and started smile showing his dimples. It made me smile so much to see him smile. 

"And I can't forget about you, you look beautiful!, doesn't she Harry?" Anne said.

Omg, why did she have to say that? This is so awkward. I just stood there my body with lots of goosebumps around my body.

He stayed quiet, without saying a word. Then, Anne changed the subject. I sat down on the table picking on my food, because I lost my appetite. I didn't wanna be rude and just throw this away.

"Aren't you gonna eat that?" He said.

I stayed quiet.

"You know my mum works hard for this? And you decide to treat her like shit, who the fuck you think you are?" He said.

"I'm not treating her like shit, I've lost my appetite." I said fiercely.

She came back in to the room with a smile and there was me and she then turned it into frown to seeing our aggressive faces.

"Did I miss anything?" She said with a worried expression.

"Nothing but a girl who appreciates nothing but bullshit." He said as he left to the door.

"Anne, I'm sorry, I have lost my appetite, sorry to make you do so much things for me." I said.

I left her speechless after I left to the door walking to school with almost tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt so hurt. I began walking as the warm air went through my hair and body. I saw two guys in back of me whispering. One of them got closer to me walking with me.

"I dare you." That's all I heard from one of the guys.

"Baby, but you cute though, hit me up." He said coming up to my face closer and trying to kiss my neck.

I pushed him again but this time his friends were forcing me to kiss him and trying to make him touch me and give courage to do it. I was scared they holded my hands in my back not letting me stop them. Harry was walking on the other side of the street and as soon as he saw me he didn't see I was getting hurt until he saw the second time. 

"Mate, give her a hickey!" A guy said.

He was trying to do it but I backed away as far as possible from him. I couldn't though.

"If you don't do this we will see you in school and do other things in the bathroom you know?" He said.

"Like you'll find me." I said laughing. 

"Trust me, we will." said the guy with a smirk.'

I stayed quiet for a moment and began walking and one girl from the back ran up to me.

"Oh my god, I feel sorry for you, there the biggest perverts in the entire school." She said.

"me too, I guess " I said.

 "Eh, they're retarded." She said.

"Yeah." I said.

"I'm Allison." She said.

"Anyways, my mom is gonna take us to school, so we can get away from them." She said.

"Oh thanks, I'm Isabella." I said.

Her mom arrived and I awkwardly went into the car, being silent but polite. 

"Hi, I'm Isabella, Allison's friend, nice to meet you." I said 

"It's nice to meet you." I said giving both of them a smile. 

We finally arrived at school and there was Harry talking to this girl smiling and showing his dimples of course. He's such a player.

"Well , let me show you around, since you're new here, office first." She said.

As we walked in the principal, I believe yelled her name to go to the office.

"Allison, come to my office immediately!" He said yelling. 

"Can't. I'm showing a new student, it's way to her classes." She said.

"Harold, can do it, now you come in here immediately!" He said.'

"Sorry, principal's a bitch, good luck." She said.

I just walked away when he came by, i didn't want to be around him to be honest.

"You coming?" He said.

"No." I said. 

The guys from earlier were calling my name and running to me.

"Nevermind, come on run!" I said.

"Why?" He said.

"Just do it." I said.

We both ran up the stairs really high and hid in one of the closets. I took out my phone to have some light. 

"Why are we here?" He said loudly.

"Shut up!" I said.

"Come on, tell me now!" He said quite loud.

"Did you hear that? I think they're close." One of the guys said.

"Don't talk!" I said.

"Just whisper to me why." He said.

"They want me to do things with them, touch me, and everything, now shut the fuck up".

His face was filled up with sadness and anger at the same time. 

"Are you serious?" He said.

"Yeah." I said.

" I'm really sorry for this morning, I was just angry at myself, just so you know, I'll be here for you." He said.

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