Falling in Love

Story about a young 17 year old girl named Isabella, she recently had moved in with her mother in Holmes Chapel, Chesire and then has to move in with someone. She falls in love with Harry, but then she meets someone who she thought she would never would, Feelings for Harry, start to drift away, but they seem to come back, as they get closer....


8. Letting everything out ~

I just felt like bursting out into tears, meanwhile, wanting to kill her, knowing that I told her I like him? She just immediately kisses him and all of that? Fake bestfriend, that's what she is.

"Allison.. I can't believe you.?" I said with a hurtful voice.

"i'm sorry but he's mine.." She said.

"What kind of best friend are you?" I said.

"What are you talking about, "best friend?", I was never!" She said laughing sarcastically.

"Oh.. okay, you too Niall." I said.

"How can you not tell me, you had a girlfriend? I thought I was your best friend, now you're just being a jerk, thanks for everything." I said with my voice getting really low with tears streaming down my face.

I ran home, with tears everywhere in my face, I can't believe I was being so used, and played and I didn't even noticed. I let this happen to me too much, I fucked up again. I cried so much it hurt I was breathing loudly, everything I cried, sobbing. I got my keys from my backpack and enter the house, while Harry was in the couch, and as he turned his face turned into a worried expression.

"Isabella?!" He said running up to me.

"Yes...?" I said pulling up my sleeves to clean my teary face up.

"What happened?" He asked giving me a hug.

"I a-m-m  j-u-ust so- he-artbroken." I said while saying syllables and tearing up.

"I'm here for you, whoever just made you feel this way, is a douchebag, you don't deserve to cry over them." He said.

" I j-just want to be alone right now." I said.

I ran up to the stairs, nearly couldn't walk and wanting to fall and just die already, but it wasn't that way. Instead, I went into my room, got my headphones, put some emotional music, buried my face in the pillow and began crying. I did the same thing for at least 20 minutes, later on I said fuck it and I went into my computer on Facebook. As I scrolled down my newsfeed, I saw...

"Niall Horan is now in a relationship with Allison Smith..." "25 likes and 10 comments." 

It just made me tear up a little bit more, but I just ignored it. Seeing him online just makes me want to chat him, and say something, I missed when he would always message me first, when I would laugh at everything he said, when I felt butterflies  in my stomach seeing his name appear in my messages, but now that's all gone. I got a videochat call and I decided to answer.

"Hey Isabella!" She said with a big smile.

"Hey.. Emily." I said with my voice sounding hurtful and how usually it sounds when someone has cried.

"You okay, babygirl?" She said.

"Yeah, I'm fine, let's just videochat some other time, now isn't the right time, love you Emily." I said.

"It's fine!" She said. 

I closed my laptop shut, and took my headphones out of my ears, took a deep breath, but my hands in my face laying there in my bed thinking and thinking about him like usual. Why is it so hard to get over him? Why did I have to have feelings for him again? Why just why.. I fucked up.

I got a knock on my door, and I just didn't say anything. It was Harry, he layed down next to me in my bed.

"Hey, you know everything is going to be okay, right?" He said.

"No it's not.." I said softly.

"Yes, it will." He said.

"You're a big liar, don't worry about me." I said.

"But, I want to though." He said.

"Trust me, it's a big waste of your time, a big deal too." I said.

I just got up and sat down on my bed.

"Be glad, it's Friday." He said.

"Yes, other than that there is so many other worries, you can't even imagine." I said.

"I should probably leave you alone then." He said.

"Uhh.... okay?" I said confused.

He left, and closed the door softly. I got my phone and there was a text from Niall. Oh my god, can't he just leave me alone? Haven't I had enough for the whole entire day, I don't deserve this AGAIN.

"Bella, let me make it up for you, it's a lot to explain.. I love you best friend." The text said.

"What a fucking lie." I said to myself as I threw the phone to my bed.

Why couldn't I be happy without people having to ruin that for me everyday? Whatever, then. I went to my bathroom and washed my face since it was all with tears, I brushed my hair, put my pijamas, and went downstairs.

"Honey, I'm glad you're down here, I'm so worried about you." She said.

"Don't, I'm fine now." I said.

"What happened?" She asked worried.

"Just heartbroken, about a boy.." I said awkwardly and with a frown.

"Aww, my girl, I understand boys can be such jerks nowdays, expect my boy Harry." She said pulling me into a hug and making me smile.

"Yeah, I agree and yes he's a wonderful sweet guy." I said with a smile turning to him.

He was blushing, aww how adorable, I think Harry is a sweet guy and I just met a differently Harry in the beginning, and I've just met an incredible friend.

"Well, dinner is ready everybody come to the dining table." She said putting the pasta in the middle of the table.

We were laughing and just smiling the entire time, I feel like they make everything better. My life happier, and just let the worries out for a few moments, I really miss my mum, though, a lot. Hopefully she gets out soon. That reminds me, I will be visiting her this Sunday.

As, I finished, I put my plate in the sink and I walked off, but Harry needed to ask me a question.

"Was it Niall.?" He asked.

"Why..." I said confused.

"Just answer my question, please." He said.

"Yes..why?" I said.

His face had turned very furious and he left the house after that. I chased him and stopped him.

"Harry..what are you doing!" I said.

"Going up to him, for hurting you." He said.

"It's not worth it....yes, it's true what he did but why do this?" I said.

"Okay, but if he hurts you again, I swear,I will do something about this." He said.

"Isabella!!" I heard someone yelling my name.

"Who?.." I said yelling back.

Niall was in back of Harry and Harry almost did something but I stopped him.

"Harry get inside right now.."  I said.

He gave Niall a dirty look and he listened to me, that's what I love about him.

"Look, I'm sorry..." He said as I cut him off.

"You played me. You used me, and you think sorry will help anything.. I hope you don't, you've done enough just don't anything more, you're perfect with Allison..." I said.

"Bu-ut she-." He said.

"Save it.." I said as I walked off.

There was Harry waiting for me in the doorstep.

"How did it go?" He said.

"Fine.." I said.

"Oh... good." He said.

"Listen,  know this is not the time but.." He said.

"I'm sorry for interrupting you, but can we talk about this some other day?" I said.

"Yeah sure.. let's go inside." He said.

As we inside, he seemed really nervous, what could he want to tell me?" I thought to myself.

"Listen, this is really important and hard to keep inside but..... I love you a lot, you make my day, I know I don't show it very much but you are the one I love now, everything about you is perfect, I just want you to see that I love you so much a lot you'd never imagine, you're the most most amazing gorgeous girl I've ever met, I want you to be mine so badly.." He said.

"Will you be my girlfriend...?" He asked.

*Cliffhanger* c:

A'N: I put a lot of effort into this, hopefully you enjoyed. Comment/Favorite/Like? Thank you so much! new chapter coming soon <3 Two chapters in a day ^.<  Wooho C:



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