The Story Of Mickey Crowe The Orphan.


1. The Story Of Mickey Crowe The Orphan

Young Mickey was just a week from eleven.
His parents were shot (such terrible business)
By an old shopkeeper, his dad a thief. 
He taught Mickey himself, nevertheless

Mickey was a good boy, at least at heart;
He had a brain disorder that left him unable. 
His mother didn't know what to do, 
She used to shout at him at the dining table. 

The poor kid was sad, but they didn't know, 
He rarely said a word to anyone at all. 
His sister was always in her room with a boy
As wide as he was tall. 

When his mum and dad died of their wounds
Little Mickey Crowe was taken by a man; 
A man with a hat and gloves and a frown
That made Mickey want to drop his hand. 

But his hand gripped him, tighter and tighter,
Dragging him away from his home, 
A suitcase in hand, his brain muddled
And lost, and then he was alone. 

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