R5 Love Story II

The 2nd Book to the R5 love story series


9. She's back

I stared at the girl in awe. "What's wrong sweeetheart ?" Riker asked me. I broke into tears. "Hey guys I'm gonna take Bella home." Riker told the others. I turned around and the girl had this evil grin on her face. More tears streamed down my face. *At  home*  Riker and I sat down on his bed. "What's wrong?' He asked putting his arm around me. "That girl used to bully me" I said inbetween sobs. "What did she do to you?!" Riker said with sorrow in his eyes. I rolled up my sleeve, my arm was covered in scars. Riker looked scared. "She used to take razors or anything sharp and cut me. I said with sorrow in my eyes. Just then everyone walked thru the door. I took Riker's dalton adcamdemy blazer out of his closet and put it on so no one could see the cuts. Just so happens Rocky brought the girl with him. "Bella, still scared?" The girl said smirking. "Hey Anabel go take a long walk off a short cliff." I said. "Okay guys take it easy girls, Anabel is sleeping over tonight." Rydel said. "What!!!!!!!!" Me and Anabel cried in a unison. That night we all slept in the living room. I was curled up with Riker when I felt a sharp pain in my arm. I woke up with Anabel over me and Riker with a razor in her hand. I looked ay my arm and saw an A carved into my arm, I looked at Riker. He had a bleeding A his arm. "Get out now before I call the police!" I screamed. Everyone woke up. "Fine call them." Anabel said. I dialed 911 on my phone. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I fell to the ground. Everything went black

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