R5 Love Story II

The 2nd Book to the R5 love story series


5. Pillows, Pillows, and Pillows

I guess I fell asleep during the movie because everytime I fall asleep during a movie he lets me sleep in his room. I woke up next to him. Just then a pilow hit me and pushed me back down. "Sorry Bella I didn't mean to hit you I meant to hit Riker, if guys keep this up more pillows willing be flying." Rocky said. "What the heck are you talking about Rocky, and if you want me to wake up Riker." I said. "You guys always kissing and you always sleeping in here. And yes wake up Riker." Rocky said. " Rikey wake up sweetheart." I whispered in Riker's ear."Nooooooo, wait what's today." He asked. "Tuesday" I said. "Oh great we have to go back set."  He said as he hopped out of bed. "Well I better go get dressed" I said leaving the room. As I walked to my room another pillow hit me in the back of the head, I turned around and threw it back. I was red so I guess it was Ryland's. I walked into my room and opened my closet, I took out my costume and got dressed. Afterwards I walked into the dining room and Ross was there. "Hey Ross." I mubled half asleep. He threw a pillow at me. "Why do people keep throwing pillows at me???" I asked fully awake now. "I don't know I only threw one at you cause you were only half awake." Ross said. "Hey guys!" Riker said coming into the room full of energy. "Hey Riker your wife is asleep again." I heard Ross say and then he threw another pillow at me and I fell out my chair. "Okay which one of you guys threw that" I said. "Um......Not me." Ross said running out of the room . Me and Riker laughed at at that for a good while. "Come on Bells time to go to set." Riker said. "Please don't tell me the warblers are doing a pillow scene." I mumbled.

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