R5 Love Story II

The 2nd Book to the R5 love story series


8. Other great show

"Come on, come on peoples lets get this show on the road" Rydel screamed down hall. I kept my bass in Riker's room because that's where I spent most of time now a days. I knocked the door he opened it with two cases in his hand.  He handed me mine, we raced down the hall to meet the rest of the band. As soon as Ratliff got there we left. Me and Riker sat in the back as usual, but instead of Ross sitting with us Rocky was sitting with us. "Good luck Rocky."Ross said from the front of the van. Just then Riker leaned over and starting kissing me. "Ugh will you guys get a room!" Rocky said. We just kept kissing until Delly started throwing makeup at me and Riker. I picked up the tube of lip gloss. "Why Delly? " I asked. *At the Concert*  Everyone was on stage accept for me. "Alright let's get loud!!" Ross screamed into the mic. "Wait, we're missing someone." Riker replied. He put his bass down,walked and off stage to me. And picked me up. "But wait I need my bass!!!" I cried. He carried me out on stage. "Awwwww" The crowd cried in a unison. "Hey here she is!" Riker said into the mic. "Hey Bella how bout you sing a song for us?" Ross asked. " Fine." I said it to the mic. "We wanna see you and Riker kiss!" One of the fans screamed. Riker had this little smirk on his face. He put his bass down and walked up to me. "How bout that Bella?" He said with little smirk on his face. He crashed his lips up against mine, I put my hands around his neck and played with hair without breaking the kiss. "Hey guys the fan asked for a kiss not a Romeo and Juliet scene. " Ratliff said into the mic. We broke the kiss. After the concert Rocky invited this girl to go get dinner with us. I could tell by the way they looked at each other they were in love. "Oooooh Rocky is in love!" Riker said and smiled. "Shut up Riker or I'll lock you in the closet when your wife isn't home." Rocky replied. I stopped for a second and looked at the girl, she looked familiar. Oh no I thought, she's back. 

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