R5 Love Story II

The 2nd Book to the R5 love story series


7. New Tricks

After spending two long hours at the beach we decided to go home. Me and Rydel want to have a girls night. So, we sat in her room and play games. "So, my sorces tell me that you're really hiting it off with my brother, and you guys are so close you're sleeping in the same bed." Rydel said. Just then we heard small noises outside her door. We both grabbed pillows and listened. "Hey guys let's spy on the girls." I heard Ross say. We acted like we never noticed they were there. " Rydel let's watch a movie!" I said winking. "On my command." She mouthed. She nodded I pushed open the door all the guys ran. We chased after them until we got to the pool. Rydel hit Rocky with her pillow and he fell in. "Oh snap" Riker said. While he was distraced I swung my pillow at him. He ducked, I guess he wasn't distracted any way. " Not so fast Bells!" He said as he picked me up and jumped in the pool with me in his arms. Rydel was soon defeted by Ross, and Ryland. We all had a ball in the pool. That night Riker carried me to his bed and laid me down. That night we fell asleep in each's others arms.

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