Without You


1. Without You

They were what everyone was afraid of,
Like a storm through the night.
They were what everyone once wished to be,
But In the end it wasn't right.

That storm turned into wind,
Which eventually disappeared.
Now they're just the memories,
The laughter and the tears.

Two strangers set adrift,
In a world meant for two.
Little by little it happened,
unable to fight through.
Without each other by their sides,
They were the best friends the world once knew.

The smiles were invisible,
Only sadness in their eyes.
The pair had had enough,
Happiness, they were deprived.

One steps on a chair,
Head placed through a rope. 
Other gun in hand,
For she has no more hope.

"I thought id be okay,
Facing the world alone.
Nothing will be alright,"
With that she turned to stone.

Her body frozen in the air,
With nowhere left to go.
She struggled for a final breath,
Her face releasing its glow.

"I never was okay,"
She spoke with the trigger in hand.
The tears covering her face,
This life she could not stand.

She pulled the tiny trigger,
Letting out a sound.
Soon she'd feel relief,
She was now home bound.

Everything went black,
As she felt a hand on hers.
It was her only happiness,
She noticed through the blur.

"Me and you together,
With that they disappeared. 
Showing only laughter, 
With no more need for tears.

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