After Emily moved to Doncatser, London when she was 10, she's been friends with Louis Tomlinson. Her and Louis have a very good relationship until he becomes famous and he forgets about her.


includes Louis and Emily's family :)


9. The London Eye was that memorable???

"Nialler I swear next time you do that..." I said smiling and I woke Em up with how loud I was.

"Sorry Em, it was kevin." i pointed to Kevin, who was in my suitcase sticking up. She laughed.

"Yup, so kev."

After Niall woke us up, we played with mine and Ems family till night time. We went on the London Eye and we kinda.... shes not a virgin anymore.  When it was about 12am, Em and me went to her room to fall asleep again. When I woke up she was gone.

Emily's p.o.v.


I woke up early to make everyones breakfast, especially Niall. I would need a lot of food now so I just went to Nandos and got food. I didnt care that it wasnt breakfast, only that it was enough food. I was like the mother figure in the house right now. I guess you could say Liam was like the father that had no relationship with the mum, but who cares. When I was about to wake everyone up, Liam helped me. He woke everyone up nicely and they all ate politely unlike yesterday. Anyways, after breakfast I took a shower. I oanly thought about last night at the London Eye.


"Louis you are soo hot" i was kinda drunk.

"AW EM" He said sober, wrapping his arms around me. A little while later we were making out and then we were naked. 5 mins later I wasnt a virgin anymore. It all happened in one day. Fast, but at least with Lou. I decided to talk to Liam about it, knowing he would take it serious. After I told him all he could say was, "The London Eye was that memorable?"

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