After Emily moved to Doncatser, London when she was 10, she's been friends with Louis Tomlinson. Her and Louis have a very good relationship until he becomes famous and he forgets about her.


includes Louis and Emily's family :)


7. Over Again

"Well, let me sing this for you." he cleared his throat.

Said id never leave her coz her hands fit like my tshirt

tongue tied over 3 words, cursed."

He sang over again to me swiftly and at the end explained the meaning.

"I am sorry I messed up the first time and I want to know if youll give me a 2nd chance before I ask you this." he said

"Of course Lou!" I said

"Do you wanna be my gf?" He asked.

"Yes. I love you so much!" I said loving him.

Louis p.o.v.


I love you. I wanted to say that to her so badly. Her blue eyes made me really want her so much.

"like the showers that are british" I screamed out loud.

she laughed with me. I really wanted her so badly so I grabbed her tight and kissed her. Harry walked in.

"Hey guys guess whhhhhhooooa nevermind I am interupting something," he laughed. He left after that and me and Emily started kissing again. She hugged me and I felt her body. I think someone herd my shower joke coz Fizzy then said I will give you all my heart so we can start all over again.

"FIZZY SHUSH UP!" I screamed

"Oh Lou you havent changed," Em laughed. "always yelling at them!" she laughed as I pulled her in again for a kiss.

20 minutes later it was 1 and Niall came in and jumped on me. Me and Em fell asleep while we were talking. I cant believe she actually said yes. <3

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