After Emily moved to Doncatser, London when she was 10, she's been friends with Louis Tomlinson. Her and Louis have a very good relationship until he becomes famous and he forgets about her.


includes Louis and Emily's family :)


6. Lottie's crush

Emily p.o.v.


I could see the huge smile on Lotties face as Niall hugged her, and Lottie hugged him like he was a huge box of chocolate.

"Well, Niall I think that you should come to my room with me so I can tell you something, big." I said and we went to my room.

"Whoa ahhah theres me!" he pointed to himself.

"yeah, anyways I think Lottie likes you" I said concerned.

"so, shes a kid who cares." he said carelessly.

"Yeah, well guess what... she is almost 15 and she has had many relationships. She might ask you out or something," I said and he looked really happy.

"Shes hot!" he said shrugging his shoulders.

"WHAT!" I said. Me and Louis looked after eachothers families forever, so Niall was scratching his head like I was Louis.

"What, she is!" He said guilty.

"SHES ALSO 14!" i screamed.

"OK OK I wont go out with her or do anything romantic like with her" he said.

"GOOD!" i said as we went downstairs. Lottie looked at Niall and he looked back. They looked at eachother for along time so I cleared my throat. Louis looked and texted me. CONVO:

From: LouBear

Hey whats going on?
To: LouBear

I think that Lottie likes Niall and he said he likes her back.

From: LouBear

omg that is soo weird! I AM ENDING IT NOW!

"Niall now in the living room," louis pointed

When they left, Lottie came up to me.

"OMG Niall is so hot, like holy god do I want to date him!" She exclaimed.

"NOOO" i screamed. "sorry but Niall is 19 and you are 14!"

"only 5 years apart!" Lottie screamed.

"no dating Niall!" I screamed to her face.

"Well you arent my mom!" she cried and went to Niall and Louis.

"Niall I need to talk to you." She said.

"Look Lottie I like you, but you are too young for me. Sorry."He said

"I wasnt gonna ask you out I was gonna ask if u wanted to watch a JB movie with me!" she was confused.

"oh okay sure" he shrugged and they put the movie in and watched it.

"Hey wanna go to your room and talk?" Louis asked.

"yeah" i said and we walked upstairs.


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