After Emily moved to Doncatser, London when she was 10, she's been friends with Louis Tomlinson. Her and Louis have a very good relationship until he becomes famous and he forgets about her.


includes Louis and Emily's family :)


3. Evening surprise

Louis' p.o.v.


Well, now I am driving to Emily;s house becasue 1.) My mum wont be home for a week, neither will hers so we all have to stay together, and 2.) I need to apologize.

I know shes gonna hate me, but can you blame her? She hasn't ever forgtten about me and I forgot about her. I am going to go to her house, and talk to her like the old times.


*2 hours later*

Well, I have just arrived at her house.

"Wait, guys can you distract everyone while I talk to Emily?" I begged.

"yeah, you need to be nice though!" they all said.

"I know, obvio!"

We all ran in and as soon as Emily saw me she was confused as why we were here when the last time I saw her was when we graduated high school or mayhbe that summer.


Emily's p.o.v.


Well, I am going to yell at Lizzie and ask why One Direction is here.

"LIZZIE I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" I was upstairs so no one could hear me.

"Why?" she asked all innocent.

"Will you explain why One Direction is downstairs?"

"Because I told Louis you were his bestfriend and also because mum and Joanna told them to stay until they get back." her and Fizzy explained.

"Go back to bed before I smack you." I threatened. They giggled under the covers.

I went downstairs.

" Wheres everyone" Zayn asked.

"They are all upstairs" I said.

Everyone looked at me and hugged me. I have met them before because Fizzy and Lizzie have introduced me over ooVoo, and I am now good friends with them.

"We are gonna go upstairs and surprise everyone." harry said.

"okay suit yourself." i said with a fake smile on my face. My crushes were here. Thats when I realized if they went in my room and looked at my walls theyd be creeped out. I had posters of them.

"so, Em Im sorry O forgot about you! I wasn't even thinking! You can hate me, but just know that I am deeply sorry!" He had tears down his face.

"Louis, I was only mad because...... I like you a lot and I thought you hated me.

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