After Emily moved to Doncatser, London when she was 10, she's been friends with Louis Tomlinson. Her and Louis have a very good relationship until he becomes famous and he forgets about her.


includes Louis and Emily's family :)


5. A day for adventures and a morning with food

Louis' p.o.v.

Well, I woke up to Em sleeping on my lap. Shes so cute with her brown hair and blue eyes. It makes me wonder why I forgot about her. She is breathing softly just like El did.

She woke up."Hi Louis." she got up from my lap. Aw man.

"Hey Em, today we are going on the London eye.!" I said with excitement.

"YAY I am so excited I havent ever been on it." She was soo happy.

"You'll love it!" I said to her as she got happier. All of a sudden, I heard a sound coming from the kitchen. Me and Em both looked at eachother and tiptoed to the kitchen. It was only Niall.

"Like The Showers That Are British..." I sung out and scared him.

"AHHHH Louis really?" Niall asked and ran because he was so scared.

He came back and was eating pringles.

"Niall I have soda and milk in the fridge." Em said.

Then Lottie came down stairs and grabbed the pringles from Niall.

"YOU LITTLE TROUSERS!" Niall chased her around the house till he got them from her.

"Well Louis I think NIall and your sister are getting along just fine!" we laughed.


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