I'm a mess, help recovery guide

his is a guide which were writing to explain the background of things in life and advice on how to deal with that.

Suggest chapter to us if you need help with anything :)


1. What is this?

I know there's a blurb but I want it to be understood why this is published on Movellas.

When I feel down or I'm thinking too much I write. So I've decided to make a Movella about me (I'm just so full of myself.) - A recovery from my once hurtful experiences to being happy.

I hope whoever reads this and has felt the way I felt realises that life doesn't just stop here. It gets bad, but gets better. Life does suck. But life is amazing. And you ARE amazing. People will hate you, you will hate people. It's the flow of life. Don't let pain, grief and heartbreak destroy you.


This is about experiences in my life which made me feel worthless, alone and insecure and how I over came them.



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