I'm a mess, help recovery guide

his is a guide which were writing to explain the background of things in life and advice on how to deal with that.

Suggest chapter to us if you need help with anything :)


3. Introducing Skyrocket - My story

Hello, I'm Skyrocket. Online, I go by the name 'Sky' or 'Anon' because I don't want people from my school to know who I am.

Anyway, The Escapist aka Rebecca and I have been online buddies for about four years, She's like a monitor with my depression.

Talking to her and learning methods and ideas from her about how I can cope gave me the inspriation to write this Movella with her from her of course. She's been helping me for all this time so I didn't want to do this without her.
Thank you Rebecca for all your help.

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