I'm a mess, help recovery guide

his is a guide which were writing to explain the background of things in life and advice on how to deal with that.

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5. How to deal with bullying.

Bullying is a difficult hurdle that we all need to face and jump over. Bullying can make you feel sad, lonely, embarrassed, scared, ill or suicidal. Some can even be physical. Bullying is a big deal. Bullying can make people not want to go outside. It makes it hard to keep your mind on schoolwork or exams. Bullying bothers everyone, not just children but even fully grown adults. Bullying can make school a place of fear and can lead to more violence and stress. Bullies often dislike someone they think can have power over. For example, people who get upset easily or who have trouble sticking up for themselves. Getting a big reaction out of someone can make bullies feel like they have the power they want and even sometimes bullies just pick on a kid for no reason at all.

If you're being bullied you need to know that for whatever reason they're bulling you, you're perfectly fine the way you are. Don't try to change who YOU are.

An effective way to get rid of this type of pest?

When I was bullied by a girl called Ruby for having glasses when I was about nine. She kept taking the piss out of me which made me sad but mostly angry. One day when I was sitting on the school field with a few of my friends, Ruby came over to start taunting me. I snapped. I punched her in the nose and turns out, I broke it. She never bullied be again, infact she avoided me instead. This is a strategy which I personally found effective.

If that isn't something you'd want to do then just pretend to be brave and aggressive

Stand tall and be brave.

Stand tall and you'll send the message; 'Fuck off'. Even walk past where they hang out to say 'I'm not scared of you' and if they try to bully you more, be mouthy and bitchy. It's easier to feel brave when you feel good about yourself.

DON'T TELL A TEACHER UNLESS IT'S PHYSICAL HARM. You'll get it worse otherwise.

Feel good about you.

Nobody’s perfect, but what can you doing to look and feel your best? Maybe you'd like to be fit. If so, maybe you'll decide to get more exercise, watch less TV, and eat healthier snacks. Or maybe you feel you look best when you shower in the morning before school. If so, you could decide to get up a little earlier so you can be clean and refreshed for the school day. Do things that make you happy.


-The Escapist




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