I'm a mess, help recovery guide

his is a guide which were writing to explain the background of things in life and advice on how to deal with that.

Suggest chapter to us if you need help with anything :)


4. Bullying

I joined in year 7 and I knew nobody. That's not even an exagguation. I joined High School which no one who was at my primary school... Anyway, I felt very lonely at first, but I told myself I'll just meet new people NO. Instead I ended up accidentally upsetting a year ten girl, who had about five other friends. She didn't drop it until she left in year eleven. They told me I was disgusting, fat and I had no reason to live. After a year of it, I believed her and her friends. When I got home, I stayed in my bedroom and cried. Even in the mornings before school, I used to beg my mum to not let me go 'to hell' referring to 'school'. I was about thirteen when I started selfharming. Once they left school, I was fourteen and things started to lighten up.



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