A Million Miles Away

It was like we connected, completed each other, I'm sure this is all too coincidental...

He's perfect, he's all I've ever needed.

And he lives half way across the world.


1. Contact


((A/N: Hey Guys! Heres another Romance.. URGH. Can't help it. This is something based upon a real story with myself, though not exact and not as far planned and not as ellaborate. There will be swearing, and maybe an intimate few scenes, but nothing too grotesque! I don't do that shiz >.< Anyway, enjoy:) Please tell me what you think!! BeyondLawliet))


"You actually did it?!" May twirled the tip of her hair around her slim finger. May used to have an envious natural blonde head of hair, now she made me envious with her vibrant blue. I sighed and pulled my knees to my chest, resting my chin on said knees as I silently slurped on a Capri-sun. "I don't believe it." She continued, positioning her perfect little body on the edge of the seat opposite me. She daintily took a sip of her Ribenna before playing with the straw. I chewed on mine. It wasn't such a big deal, I wish everyone would just leave it. 

"Yeah I dumped him, get over it." I sighed again and closed my eyes. I was tired, unbelievably tired. I never really slept well, so I was beginning to think I was nocturnal. 

"Well..." May glanced over at a randomer she knew who passed. She smiled and nodded as he passed. She knew everyone. Quite literally. "You better get active, I ain't having a sleepy sleepover." She grinned and winked at me. I made a weak smile through my knees. 

"I told you, I'm nocturnal, I'll be super hyper tonight." I giggled at the concept of me running around May's small room. 

"Better be. I got plans." She pulled a devious face and part of me regretted what shit I had allowed her to drag me into. Maybe she was planning to sneak me out to a party again. Yeah, my parents had been strictly against it, yet May wouldn't give up, she even got her mum in on it. I ended up wimping out and waiting for her to come out. She had been disappointed with the lineup anyway. I shivered still carrying all my guilt for all my troubles. A hooded boy entered the social area where our group sat and I groaned internally. Everyone fell silent as he took a seat amongst us all. I didn't look at him, he didn't deserve it. I rose to my feet, hauled my bag over my shoulder, and nodded a goodbye to some of my friends and May before dumping my empty drink in the closest bin. I was about to head for my next lesson when I heard the familiar cussing of my asshole ex. 

"Bitch." Was the most I got out of it. It was enough for me. 

"Get some balls and stop sulking Tom." I said with sarcasm and disgust in my voice. Okay, so the whole thing between me and Tom? I'd thought we were close, that I actually meant something to the dick. Stupid girl I know. I should've known better. But still, I fell for the false reality whilst a monster brew behind me back. We had arranged to meet, but I hadn't got the message that he had cancelled. So I turned up to find him necking this blonde bitch. If I had received that message and took his advice, I would have never found out what a cheating snake he was. So the Lord must be helping me. Though I don't know why. 

I exited the social area and felt the nip of winters air brush over me. My clothes ruffling in the wind, goosebumps popping up to say hello. I rubbed my arms and pulled the blazer I hated closer to my body. I was so glad my mum had washed my trousers. I hauled my heavy broken body all the way up four flights of stairs to my Science room, only to find a note stating we were in Cover. All the way back where I was. I grunted, adjusted my bag strap and headed back down. I redirected many of my classmates as I walked, I was so nice. 

"Is it true?" A plastic blonde from my class asked whilst she made an obvious attempt to chew gum. 

"Me and Tom?" I asked back, though I really didn't want to talk to her. 

"Yeah!" She exclaimed. I nodded, not giving her the benefit of my words. "No way! You two were, like, so perfect! I bet you'll get back!" Her tag along friend nodded in agreement. I wanted to puke over their perfect faces. 

"I highly doubt that." I said as I turned into the Cover Area. A room filled with rows of computers. This room was made especially for (as it states) Cover. When the teacher was 'ill' or just couldn't be arsed to teach their class. I took a seat next to Nix and smiled weakly over at her. 

"Well done." She smiled at her computer screen. I rolled my eyes and let out a huff. 

"Finally. Knew I could rely on you." I smiled properly at this. Nix was a real good friend to me. I'd known ages, as I have May, but we had gotten closer lately and she was really supportive. We looked out for each other and always knew how to help each other. Unloading our guts to each other, whist still having trust and fun. She was like my soul buddy. 

"Don't listen to em." She indicated to everyone else. "It was the right think Leilah." ((A/N: Pronounced Lee-Li))

I sighed. Before logging on. "Sure was Nix, sure was." I smiled to myself. I was beginning to make things right.



I waited impatiently by the gate. Watching as the flood of students left the school grounds. I crossed my arms and kept an eye out for the flash of blue. Nix began tapping her foot impatiently.

"Can't you wait at the bottom for her?" She whined.

"Nah, she said to be here." I groaned and tugged on the chattering girl, pulling her to the side.

"Finally." Nix mumbled.

"Yeah, what took you so long?" May rolled her eyes.

"I was talking to my Kitty Kat." I stared at her, feeling my 'are you mental' message being sent to her. "That's his nickname...? Urgh, Honestly. This really cute guy I met when we were on holiday once." She smiled so wide her eyes nearly turned to mere black slits on her face. Me and Nix exchanged looks before laughing out loud. "Stop it!" May moaned. I took her hand and began pulling her down the road. 

"Your so silly May." I shouted at her over the passing cars and chatter of other students. Our group caught up as we walked and Tom walked by with his hood up ignoring us all. I shrugged my shoulder when May pointed him out. "Not my business no more." I then smiled and began skipping May down the road.

"STAHP!" She cried her miswording and tugged on my arm. We finally reached the bottom and as we caught our breath, Nix joined the two of us.

"Cya tomorrow Nix!" I chimed hugging my friend.

"Get to sleep Leilah." She winked at me and I smirked.

"Tell crazy face that." May looked up from her phone momentarily with a blatant 'what?' posted over her face.

"It's okay May, go and update your facebook status." Me and Nix both giggled as May lead me over the road the way she walked home. We slowed down and I admired the park we passed. It was a simple park, not many apparatus to have fun on, but still looked beautiful, its bare trees winding lacey patterns with their spindly branches over our heads. May never left her phone. I sighed and left the park. 

"Left here." May glanced up and tugged me with her. We finally reached her house and she indicated for me to follow her in. I slipped my rubbing school shoes from my feet and pulled the bag with me up May's stairs to her room. I sat on the couch bed that I would sleep in every time I visited and took a seat on the floor. 




Our sleepover had gone as follows; Makeup, Hair, YouTube and food. Yes, we were pigging out as I spoke. It was rather dark outside and May placed a finger to her lips as she flicked the switch sending me into darkness. 

"Mummies off to bed! Now we can do it!" Eww May! That sounded so wrong. I chuckled in a hushed voice. I heard a few muffled bangs and creaks of wardrobe doors in the darkness and a few whispered cusses. "There!" May proclaimed, her hands full with a heavy laptop. She set it down in front of me before joining me on the couch bed. She flicked a lamp on, though the light was very weak and we were now in a reddy, pinky sort of darkness. She punched the laptop's on button and I watched as the light illuminated our faces and most of the room that faced the glowing screen. She had her mischievous face on again. Great. She clicked on the Internet and her wiggling fingers froze over the keypad. 

"Ever gone on Omegle?" She giggled. I'd heard of this site before. Where you talked to random strangers, ones who couldn't follow or track you down or whatever. You can guess what some perverted men do on a night. 

"May!" I exclaimed, she hushed me with her slim finger. 

"C'mon Leilah! It'l be ace!" She typed it into the search engine and it began loading. "We can just skip the dirty perverts." I rolled my eyes and shuffled apart from my blue headed friend, keeping myself more or less out of the web cam feed. 



It took a while, and most on here were dodgy advertisements, and perverted men. We skipped them before we could even see them properly. We began laughing hard at one point when a girl with a low hanging top appeared on the screen and began flipping out. We then skipped her too. 

It was getting a little repetitive, so I decided to idle myself with my phone. It was then that May clicked next and your average teenage guy popped up. After looking at the screen from both ends, neither May and I, nor the boy before us clicked on. He waved through to us and that's how everything started.


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