When Zombies Attack

Abby Brookes, a young highschool student wakes up in her room in her house and hears weird things coming from her Mum and Dad's room. It turns out that the world has turned into Zombie Prison and only a few survivors are left. Will she, Paul, Katy and Mark be able to survive the zombie-ocolypse?


2. Paul's House

"PAUL! PAUL, LET ME THE FRICK IN!" she shouted.

"Hurry, get inside!" she heard Paul and her other friend Katy shout.

"Well, you have to unlock the freaking door, don't cha?" she shouted, starting to sound worried.

"Oh, yeah," she heard Mark say. Honestly, was the whole gang there or what?

"Here get in," Mark let her in and locked the door behind him.

"Well, now the whole shabang is here," Pauil began, "WHAT THE FIRETRUCK IS FRICKING GOING ON?!?!?!?!"

"How do we know?" Katy said. "We all just woke up at 3 in the morning to find out that our parents and brothers and sisters had been changed into zombies."

"Zombies?" Abby asked. She knew there was something going on, but not the zombie-freaking-poccalypse. Yeah she wanted a zombie appocallypse, but now that it was acctually happening, she didn't seem that excited anymore.

"Yeah, you know that carnivourous people who live of human flesh, that can be found in horror movies?" Mark said, sarcastically.

She threw him a death stare and said, "I know what a freaking zombie is. I ment what happened? How could we all go from, well, us to flesh eating monsters?"

"Scientific experiment gone wrong?" asked Paul.

"A weird, nuclear explosion?"


They all looked at Katy.


They looked behind them and there it was. It was Paul's Dad. Luckily, Abby was prepared. She hit him over the head (obviously this was the secound time she had to do this) and his head completrely flew of his body.


"Honestly, am I the only one who remembers rule no. 2 from zombie land?" Everyone looked at her with the eyes, that remembered nothing of the movie they went to see a couple of years ago. "You have to hit it over the head again. Don't matter if you know it's dead or not."

"Yeah, but apart from you, no one can stand the sight of freaking blood, let only hitting what used to be a person over the head with a fucking baseball bat!" Paul said it all really fast. She only just realised there that they were all scared as fuck, and, well, so was she. She put her back to the wall and began to slide down it.

She remembered not thinking when she hit her Mum and Dad over the head with the baseball bat. She couldn't believe how uconsiderate she was. Of coarse her friends weren't going to remember rule number fricking 2 when they were hitting their parents over the head.


"I'm sorry guys," she silently cried.

"Hey," Paul came and sat on the floor, back leaning on the wall, beside her. "We're gonna get through this. We're gonna find a place were there's no zombie's and we are gonna make it there."

I smiled happy at him. He always new how to cheer me up. He after all, was my best friend. "Thanks."

"Right, now that that is over, how the fuck are we gonna get out of this God-damn house?"

"We walk out the door stupid." she smiled back at katy. Honest;y, if she had to pick to be in a zombie appocalypse with anyone else, you may not have given her the choice. These would of been the people she would of picked and honestly, she couldn't have picked any better.

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