When Zombies Attack

Abby Brookes, a young highschool student wakes up in her room in her house and hears weird things coming from her Mum and Dad's room. It turns out that the world has turned into Zombie Prison and only a few survivors are left. Will she, Paul, Katy and Mark be able to survive the zombie-ocolypse?


1. The Day of the Infection

"Mum, Dad?" Abby cried down the hall. The grunting got loader. She ran back to her room quickly and grabbed a baseball bat. It was only now that she was glad her dad made her keep up baseball practice. She heard heavy walking and saw someone come into her room.


"Mum?" she asked quietly. The fugure was her mother, but it didn't seem to be her any more. In fact, there didn't seem to be any trace of human left in that body.

"Mum? Can you hear me?" Suddenly the thing started to run towards her. She forcefully bashed the zombie around the head and it fell to the ground. She remembered watching zombie land and remembered Rule No.2: Double strike. She hit her "Mum" over the head again and ran out to the hall. And there was her Dad.


"I'm sorry Pa!" she yelled as she struck his head, again and again. She ran back to her room and completely emptied her school bag. She grabbed her phone, fully charged, thank God, a spare pair of clothes and stuck them in back pack. She remembered her Dad kept a gun hidden safe under his pillow, and she quietly ran to grab it and stick it in her bag. She walked quietly back to her room, basebal bat still in hand and got dressed in something that she knew would keep her comfortable, sexy and untouchable at the same time. Her camo pants, Smosh shirt and jacket, and baseball boots were good for that.


She grabbed her backpack and hit the kitchen. She emptied the cupboards of their canned goods and bottled water and left. She was ready for the appocalypse and she knew where she would go first- Pauls house.

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