unexpected love

When Lucy asks her best friend Gee to go and get a one direction cd signed by lthe boy, Gee (who doesnt like the boys) talks to Louis, and he begins to fall for her. Lucy gets jealous so Gee needs to chose between Having a boyfriend,losing her bestfriend or trying to get them to be friends


3. texting&flirting

i decided to text Louis, after all that was his plan in the first place for me to open the CD and find it so i sent a text to him saying:

Hey Louis this is Gee , the girl from the store, i found your little note.xx

I always put xx at the end my texts no idea why though. After a few seconds my phone pinged loidly making me jump i read the text that said:

Heya lo... Soz i keep forgetting. So u mad that i left the note, coz i only did it coz i think your super hot.xx <3.

I felt my heart racing qhen he said this i wanted to just tell him that i think i love him but hoq stupid would it be for me to date a superstar, so i pilled myself back to reality.

"Do ya wanna come other tonight say 6?" i replied. Omg why did i just say that damn hes gonna think im weird.
"i woild love to,babe. After all i think im falling for ya. Do ya fell the same???.xx.
Omg he just asked that i dont know what i should say back yes or no, he was cute and a lot more sweet than i thought. So i decided not to reply to that question but chamge the subject so he woudnt know what i thought.
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