unexpected love

When Lucy asks her best friend Gee to go and get a one direction cd signed by lthe boy, Gee (who doesnt like the boys) talks to Louis, and he begins to fall for her. Lucy gets jealous so Gee needs to chose between Having a boyfriend,losing her bestfriend or trying to get them to be friends


4. kissing me.

I walked to Lucy's room to tell her the great news, i knocked on the door than entered before she got to answer. I could tell she knew i had news couse i came walking in with a huge smile on my face. "um... Lucy i hope it's alright but i have asked a boy to come to ours tonight?" i asked staring at the ground. "oh. A boy. Who is he then???" she asked me with a cheeky tone to her voice. I launched myself onto her bed and stared to the roof and said." i met him at W.H.Smith yeah and he is Louis Tomlinson,he put his number in my CD copy." i replied. Lucy lay there mouth wide open looking at me then said. " omg your falling for him aint ya. So much for i dont like those boys."" yeah i think i am."
me and lucy had been talking for such a long time that it was 5:45. Shit he would be here in 15. I leaped of the bed and ran into my room, threw a pair of red hollister joggers and a yellow vest top on, Lucy put on the same but with different colours she had grren and blue. The door bell rang and we raced to get there i won being the fastest and sorted myself and opened the door, Louis stood there in the doorway with his mates. Ahhhhh he brought them with him.
"hey babe. Can we come in??" he asked. " yeah of course. Meet my friend Lucy" Lucy waved at them and they all gave her a hug and said hey.
" and guys this is Gee,the girl i was talking about." Louis said. Awww how sweet he talks about me. Every gave me a hug aswell and sat down on the 2 sofas and the 2 chairs and louis saved me a space next to him. " does anyone want a snack?" i offered. "me" niall shouted at me and everyone else agreed with him.i got up and walked into the kitchen amd not knoqwing Louis fallowed me and wrapped his arms around me, he spun me around and kissed me then and there on the lips. I thought omg and then pulled away slowly, we walked back in and handed the snacks out we sat back down and i cuddled up to Louis and he put his arms around me. The bous looked at us and harry said "awwww" and Lucy threw a pillow at him and so did Louis, then everyone joined in and we had a pillow fight. Childish i know. Then Liam grabbed hold of me and Harry grabbed Louis and put us together and started shouting "kiskiskiskiskisskiss" not liking to disapoint i did i smacked my lips on his and we kissed fir what was like forever
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