unexpected love

When Lucy asks her best friend Gee to go and get a one direction cd signed by lthe boy, Gee (who doesnt like the boys) talks to Louis, and he begins to fall for her. Lucy gets jealous so Gee needs to chose between Having a boyfriend,losing her bestfriend or trying to get them to be friends


5. dreaming

We threw ourselfs on the sofas again and i saw lucy glaring at me looking well, jealous. "lucy come we me a sec. Ill be right back." me and Lucy got up and i took her to the kitchen and closed the door, " are you ok cause i keep seiing you glaring at me and louis?" i asked hesitating.
"its just i have had such a big crush on louis and now your with him and i fe..." i cut her off and told her to stay here minute and i walked over to harry and whispered something in Harrys ear i said"do you like Lucy?"" yes" " come with me then" i took him into the kitchen and asked Lucy if she like harry and they both said yes so i got them together. I left them alone and returned to Louis. "what was all that about?" "nothing lou" i said with a grin. " hey guys since its getting late do you wanna stay here tonight?" "yes plz Gee." saig liam,zayn,and Niall. " sure babe" lou replied greplied. I must be dreaming the boys are staying the night, harry and lucy havent come out of the kitchen for 20 minutes and i have the best boy ever cuddling me. This could not get better
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