unexpected love

When Lucy asks her best friend Gee to go and get a one direction cd signed by lthe boy, Gee (who doesnt like the boys) talks to Louis, and he begins to fall for her. Lucy gets jealous so Gee needs to chose between Having a boyfriend,losing her bestfriend or trying to get them to be friends


2. could i really be.

Gee walked out of the shop with the CD in her hand and a smile across her face, i knew something had happened
"you look happy, what happened in there." i asked her.
"just take your CD and shut up." she replied to me giggling a bit. We left after going into New look and other shops like that. When we gor home to our appartment, Gee ran to her room and i sat in the livingroom looking at the perfectly neat autograph i got from louis tomlinson <3. All of a suddely i heard a scream coming from Gee's room.

I screamed for joy when i opened the album because louis had but his phone number in it, could i really be falling for him. I quickly picked up my phone and added it to my contacts, then lucy came running in with a worried look on her face. " what the hell happene?" " nothing i just felt like screaming." i said but she looked at me with a suspicious look and left the room
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