unexpected love

When Lucy asks her best friend Gee to go and get a one direction cd signed by lthe boy, Gee (who doesnt like the boys) talks to Louis, and he begins to fall for her. Lucy gets jealous so Gee needs to chose between Having a boyfriend,losing her bestfriend or trying to get them to be friends


1. CD Signing

Me and Lucy were walking around in a shopping mall, when we walked to W.H.Smith there was a huge screaming crowd of girls with one directions album in their hands, suddenly Lucy screamed in my ear and said. "omg.omg.omg. I cant believe its one direction. Omg can you go and get a cd signed for me plz."
"no. Do it yourself,i dont even like those boys!" i replied moaning at her.
"ouch. That hurt. Plz plzplzplzplz do it for me,im too chicken.plz?" she replied doing a puppydog face.
"you owe me big time." i took the money she gave me and pushed pass the criwd of girls so i could get this over with. I grabbed sight of Louis and walked over to him and in his doncastersweet voice he said.
"hey love, who should i make these out to?"
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