My Heart Belongs to You

Lana Fox is your average high school girl until one day when she meets a special boy. That is when her life will change completely.


4. The date!

Niall's Pov...
"Finally we're here" I said. We walked into the restaurant. I got us a table in a normal area because I didn't want to sit in the back by ourselves. "I have never eaten here" Kara said. "Please tell me you are picking" I said to her. "I'm not picking" she said "Then let me order for you" I told her. I could tell she's afraid that I would order her something nasty. "I will not order anything nasty, I promise" "Okay I trust you,Niall".
Kara's Pov...
After about five minutes of sitting here the waitress came up She woke like she was 20 years old with red hair(red as in the big red bus), She had a sleeve tattoo and with piercings all the way up her ear. I could tell she was flirting with Niall but Niall wasn't paying attention to her. "We want two Peri peri chicken plates" Niall said not even looking at her The whole time she was staring at Niall acting like I wasn't even there. After about 10 minutes she brought out the chicken. "Can I have more Dr Pepper" I said, She just laughed I didn't know if she heard me or not. I started eating the peri peri chicken. When I look up I see Harry and Lana come in. My throat starts to swell and I can't breathe. "Are you okay? Do you need drink?" Niall asked. I shook my head yes. I took a sip of Niall's drink and started digging through my pocketbook for my medicine but couldn't find it. I jumped up remembering Lana has some in her purse. Niall didn't know were I going so he followed me. I got to Lana and pointed at my throat. "You need medicine?" Lana asked. I shook my head yes. Lana started digging through her purse and finally finding my medicine and giving it to me. I took my medicine and that's when our waitress came with my drink and accidentally on purpose spilt it all over me. The bad thing was I was wearing a white shirt and you can see right through it.
Niall's Pov...
Once the waitress spilt drink on Kara,Kara took off running. I followed her and she jumped in the car. "Take me home(See what I did there) Kara said. "Ok" is all I said. Once we got back to her place she said "Do you want to come in?" "Sure". She walked up to her door,unlocked it and walked in. "You can watch TV till I get back,I'm going to take a shower" she said. "Can I come with you?" I asked with a smirk on my face "sure" "really!" I asked "no" she said. Man she really had my hopes up but then she killed the dream. I set there watching E! news until she walked out of shorts and tank top. She walked over and set down beside me. "I'm sorry we had to leave early" she said "It's fine, I'm sorry I ordered you that chicken". "You didn't know that I was allergic to it". With both decide to watch a movie. During the movie we both ended up falling asleep.
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