My Heart Belongs to You

Lana Fox is your average high school girl until one day when she meets a special boy. That is when her life will change completely.


5. Harry and Lana's Date!!

Lana's Pov...
We got to Nandos Harry opened car door and helped me out. 'Aww... Such a gentleman' I thought but didn't say. We walked in and I seem Kara and Niall sitting in a booth. I wasn't going to say anything because I won't this date to be me and Harry. Not that I am being mean but I think she wants to be alone with Niall. When we sit down a waitress comes she looks like she's in her 40's. "Oh you are very pretty, you need to keep her around!" I looked down and blushed. Harry just laughed and said "I might just do that". After she got our orders she walked off. While we were waiting for our food we just talked. I felt like I have known him forever. I looked over at Kara and Niall to see Kara digging through her pocket book. Niall looked worried. All of the sudden Kara got up and took of running towards me. Once she got over here she started pointing at her throat. "Do you need medicine?" I asked her. She shook her head yes so I reached into my pocketbook an got her the epypen. She took t and stuck it into her leg. Their waitress was coming over here with there drinks when she accidentally on purpose spills drink all over Kara. Kara was wearing a white shirts so you could see her bra. She looked at us and took off running. Niall took off after her. I was going to follow him when Harry said "it's ok Niall's got her". I nodded and set back down.
Harry's Pov...
I had a really fun time today with Lana. She is really pretty and smart. When Kara ran out I wanted wanted Lana to stay so I told her Niall had her. I felt bad because Kara needed a friend but this was suppose to be a perfect date. Once Lana set back down the rest of the date went very good.

A/N sorry very short I haven't had time to really work on it so I through this together real quick

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