My Heart Belongs to You

Lana Fox is your average high school girl until one day when she meets a special boy. That is when her life will change completely.


3. Getting ready for the Date!!!

(A/N I don't know if there is a Nandos is California but if not we will act as if there is)

Kara's POV...

        "Haha Lana and Harry look so cute" I tell Niall "Not as cute as us" was his reply. I blushed. I didn't know what to say back to I said sure but..."but we are cuter" Niall said. I blushed again I have to stop blushing! "your cute when you blush" He said I hid my face and said "STOP IT". "Stop what?" "stop making me blush" I said. "Why" he said "Sorry I cant tell you" I said. "PLEASE!!!" he said pouting. " I'm just picking but I don't like to blush" I told him. I looked down to realize we were holding hands. Right when I realized Louis ran between us and yelled "SUPERMAN!!!" Niall and I bust out laughing after we calmed down Niall said "Lou what was that for?" "I was bored I guess" was Louis' response. Oh how I love Louis as a brother of course.

                                                    **The next night**

           Harry's POV...

                    I am so nervous about this date I am going to take her to one of my favorite parks and then to the best place ever....NANDOS. I am going to get her in about five minutes. I look at myself in the mirror, oh gosh now I'm acting like a girl. I go downstairs and get in my car to go get Lana. Once I got to Lana's house I got out and went to knock on the door. Once I got to the door fans started to notice me and started running towards me. As soon as Lana opened the door I walked right in. I wanted this day to be perfect but that cant happen if the fans are still out there by the time we have to leave. I finally get a good look at Lana she has on a white strapless dress with her hair curled up and put in a pony tail. she is sooo pretty I mean breath taking pretty. She seen me looking at her and asked "Is it to much" "No you look amazing" I said truthfully "Um your hair is sticking up" she said shyly. I fixed m hair and said "I got mobbed by fans so we will have to wait a few because we wont be able to get out but I think we will probably be able to make our reservation" I said. "Ok what are we going to do till then?" she asked "We can always stay here till then" I said "Do you want to watch some tv?" she asked "I have a few ideas of what we can do" I said jokingly. "Harry don't think like that you perv!" she yelled. After a few minutes the fans cleared out and we could make our reservation. We got in the car(me driving) and started heading to the restaurant. In the car I interlocked mine and Lana's fingers. Once we were five minutes away it starts raining. "Isn't this a good day for a date" I said with sarcasm in my voice. "Its ok the restaurant is inside right" she asked. "Of course it is" I said


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