My Heart Belongs to You

Lana Fox is your average high school girl until one day when she meets a special boy. That is when her life will change completely.


2. Getting Asked

Chapter 2

Kara's POV...

I finally calmed down so I walked back downstairs. When I got downstairs they were watching Toy Story. I went in and sat down in the only seat left and that was next to Niall. He looked up and smiled. We got finished watching Toy Story 1 and then we put in Toy Story 2. We were going to watch all of then. By the time we were in the middle of Toy Story 2 it was 10 o'clock pm. I started to yawn. "Are you tired?" Niall asked "yea a little bit" "here lay your head on my shoulder" he said. I laid my head on his shoulder, I felt him put his arm around me and kiss me on my forehead.

**The Next Morning**

Still Kara's pov...

I woke up to Lana screaming "Kara, Kara wake up come on get your lazy butt up!!!" "What is so important that you have to wake me up like this" I yelled back. "The boys want to go shopping and I can't find my keys" Lana explained. "Look in my room on the night stand" I said. Lana walked upstairs to find her keys. Mine and Lana's car only have for seats so riding in Lana's car there is Harry, Zayn, Louis and of course Lana. In my car there is me, Niall and Liam. I got into the driver seat when Niall got into the passenger side and Liam got into the back. I let Lana get in front of me because I didn't know which mall we were going to. I looked back at Liam and he was busy texting so I thought maybe I would talk to Niall. But before I could my phone rang "hello" "hey it me put me on speaker" Lana said "ok" I said putting her on speaker "ok guys we're going to rodeo drive so we're going to park here" "thanks Lana bye". I pulled over and we got out of the car and started walking. Niall and me were walking together and having a normal conversation until he asked "do you have a boyfriend?" I was wondering why he asked but answered "no" I think I like Niall but he would never like me back. I look over at Lana to see her an Harry holding hands. LovelyLana is already with Harry and I'm just making small talk. "Haha classic Harry" Niall said. "What are you, oh haha I get it" I replied looking into his sea blue eyes.  


Niall's pov... 

"I'm hungry lets go get some food" I told kara. "Haha ok let's go"on the way there we just had small talk. I really like Kara and now that I know she doesn't have a boyfriend I can ask her out. When we finally got to McDonalds I bought mine and her food. She insisted on her paying but I didn't let her. I decided now was the perfect time to ask her out. "Kara I know we just met but I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?". She looked shocked, which made me even more nervous but I was glad that she said "yes I would love to". "ok what about tomorrow at seven o'clock" I asked. Then we started to eat our food. I was so glad she said yes.

                                                      Harry's pov....

               I really like Lana and it surprised me when I held her hand and she didn't jerk away. How she acted around me made me feel like a normal guy. At first I was afraid she had a boyfriend but when she didn't jerk away I guessed she didn't have one. "Lana I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tomorrow night butifyoudontwanttoitsok" I said really nervous. She laughed which scared me but then she said "Harry calm down...yes I will go out with you". "Ok I will pick you up at 6 o'clock". She smiled and interlocked our fingers and started swinging them back and forth. I laughed. When Louis saw us holding hands he ran in between us and said "hazza bear what about us" I laughed and said "its ok lou bear I still love you". Lana at this point was almost dying in laughter.

                                                    Lana's pov....

         I cant believe he asked me out I have to tell Kara but she was with Niall. About 5 minutes later Kara and Niall walked up. "I'm going to talked to Kara" I said getting up. "Kara I need to talk to you". When we got away from everyone else I said "guess what?" "Someone asked you out and I think its Harry" she said. "How did you know?" I asked "Lana your my best friend I know everything about you but I have to tell you something to" "What might that be" I asked her "NIALL ASKED ME OUT!!!!" she said. I couldn't believe after her last boyfriend she said yes to Niall I guess she really likes him. When we got back to the boy I went and set with harry and Kara went to Niall. I was getting sleepy so I laid my head down on Harry's shoulder and closed my eyes.   "Are you sleepy" Harry asked . I nodded and he said "Here lay your head down on my lap amd go to sleep. I down what he said and went to sleep.

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