The Gentleman that Could Have Gold

This is just a movella that m doing at 2am in the morning might not contuinue


1. Chapter 1

Ashleigh's P.O.V

*KNOCK KNOCK* there was a knock at the door. i stumbled out of my bed and walked over to the door cause i slept on my fold out couch in my apartment. i was only wearing a white under singlet that went mid way down my thigh so quiet short but it would be no one famous so i didn't have to worry. i opened the door and my mouth latterly drooped down to the ground. guess who were there it was...


CLIFFHANGER tell me if i should continue sorry short chapter just its really early an ya.

Love you Lovelies

love from the Swagg Masta from Victoria lol naaa  from Ashleigh :)

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