Your Perfect

When Zoe meets Harry Styles her life turns into a wonderland. Harry falls for her, but her father must not know.. When the news is filming for new shot Live, Harry and Zoe are cause on camera Kissing, and her father sees it. Will the relationship be torn by her father? Or will is be a secret for Life?


1. The Mall

Passing by all these stores makes me want to just buy everything. I wish people knew me more.

"Zoe why do you look so down?" Tess asked me.

"Come one Zoe, maybe you'll meet someone here?"  Cassidey said.

I just kept walking with my ear-buds in listening to ' C'mon  C'mon ' by One Direction.

"Zoe stop your about to-" I didn't hear the rest of what she said before I ran into a taller man.

My stuff went scattering all over the walk way, I gave a glare and tried to gather up my stuff. When I turned around to my friends they were all staring at the man.

"Whats wrong with you guys?" I turned around and looked up, still on the ground. I was looking up at the most amazing man.

"Sorry, hun" His british accent still hanging into the air as I took it down. He held out his hand and I grabbed on, "Uh, I'm Harry..."

Yes I knew who that was, "Yeah, I uh... I know." I saw his cheeks getting red, and I felt right.

"Here why don't we get to know each other, Meet me down at the cafe in an Hour, Bye love." He waved and walked down the mall. Stunned as ever I turned to my friends with my mouth wide open and ran over to my friends screaming.

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