Rock Me, 1D

Harry Styles has just gotten out of a relationship a few days before One Direction's tour starts. He is looking for the one and while he is searching Aly has a hard time as a big time directioner and she never gets anything she wants. When she finally finds a way around that what will end up happening? Read more to find out what other love stories and relationships are formed. ALSO, please note that there may be some rude stuff and is recommended for those 12/13+ from Chapter 7 onwards!


2. Unsure

Harry's P.O.V

It's been 2 out of 7 long months of our tour and I still haven't found the one. The boys came up to me after the concert and they knew something was wrong but I'm not ready to tell them how I feel because I'm unsure. It's frustrating to not know how to react to what has happened. "Hey mate, everything alright?" Louis asked worried. I let out a sigh and then nodded. "Are you sure?" Liam asked sounding worried aswell. "Yea, I guess" I replied softly. "Well if you want to talk we will all be here" I heard Zayn say. I nodded and suddenly got startled because of Niall. "I'm hungry, LET'S GO TO NANDO'S.....NOW!" That put me down more but I knew they were worried and were trying to cheer me up. "Sorry mate" Niall apologized. I smiled a bit. "It's ok Niall, it's just that we've been having Nando's everyday and I'm a bit sick of it" I stated. Niall pretended to look hurt and we all just laughed but deep down inside I was still really upset and unsure of what to do.


*** A/N ***

Sorry for the short chapter but some of them will be really long so it will make up for it! :) And just to let you know the next chapter should be longer. Thanks for your support and those who do support me will be getting a shoutout in the next A/N. 48 hours or less after I publish a chapter, I will publish another one. So wait no longer than 2 days for each one. This chapter came out in less than 1 day.

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