Rock Me, 1D

Harry Styles has just gotten out of a relationship a few days before One Direction's tour starts. He is looking for the one and while he is searching Aly has a hard time as a big time directioner and she never gets anything she wants. When she finally finds a way around that what will end up happening? Read more to find out what other love stories and relationships are formed. ALSO, please note that there may be some rude stuff and is recommended for those 12/13+ from Chapter 7 onwards!


4. Too Excited!

Aly's P.O.V

OMG! I can't believe I won the 1D competition, for once I get what I want, what I need! I get to bring along 5 people. Well, I have to bring my mum and I am definitely bringing my two classmates Michelle and Rachel. Hmm. well, my dad's already there for work and I would never bring my sister besides she's either in jail herself or still in college.... I got it! I'm going to bring my two favourite cousins, Hannah and Alianah! I actually have one more close cousin but she moved to the UK a few months ago, hopefully we can catch up with her then. 

*** 5 hours later at 10: 18 pm trying to sleep ***

I called them all and all the girls agreed to come and they all sounded excited including my mum! I'm up late because I was packing and I bet my mum is still packing. I'm just going to go to- (falls asleep).


*** The next day ***

I woke up to my mum's call "Aly wake up, we're going to be late for the flight!" she yelled from the speaker. Oh and in case you're wondering we do live in a mansion and we have high- tech stuff... it's complicated. "Coming mum, I'm just brushing my hair!" I said in response. I never use make- up only for extra- special occasions and I only put on very minimal. I ran downstairs, grabbed a cereal bar and and up and go popper and then sat myself at the island in the middle of the kitchen.  "Aren't you going to have a proper breakfast, darling?" my mum questioned. "No, I've still got to check some stuff before we leave so I'm going to quickly eat and drink." I said. With that, I finished in 2 minutes and ran up to my room to gather everything that I needed. By everything I meant EVERYTHING. All I needed just in case something happened which meant I nearly brought my whole room with me haha. 

*** 30 minutes later ***

I was downstairs with my mum helping make sure that all the lights were turned off, the windows were locked, doors were locked, etc. "Okay that's everything!" mum told me. "Can we leave yet?" I asked in total excitement. "To the airport!" my mum said while pointing to the car. 



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