Rock Me, 1D

Harry Styles has just gotten out of a relationship a few days before One Direction's tour starts. He is looking for the one and while he is searching Aly has a hard time as a big time directioner and she never gets anything she wants. When she finally finds a way around that what will end up happening? Read more to find out what other love stories and relationships are formed. ALSO, please note that there may be some rude stuff and is recommended for those 12/13+ from Chapter 7 onwards!


3. The Best Thing!

Aly's P.O.V

My friends and I are big time directioners but the thing is that I never get any One Direction merchandise, I never get tickets to their concerts, I never win any of their competitions. Really, the list could go on forever! I'm the wealthiest girl in school but it doesn't mean I get everything I want. I'm popular and in my school it's the worst thing! The other cheerleaders force me to do things I don't want to do and thankfully and I don't end up doing it! 

Well, anyways today I got 2 letters and I bet they both contained some sort of bad news. But when I opened the first one, it said that I had made it into my dream performing arts academy and the second one said that I won the dream directioner experience! Squeeee! That's the best thing that's ever happened in 2 years!

Well, 2 years ago my father got put in jail because of a fake incident with fake proof thanks to my stupid and evil adopted sister! My parents adopted her when I was 10 because they thought I needed someone to play with since I was the only child and I would always come home crying because I had no friends. Her name is Katherine and she is 2 years older than me. Since she stepped into the house, she had been planning ways of how to hurt my family. I know I said that I'm popular but when I was younger I was the least popular! Do not ask me how, I don't know how it all changed, it just did!


*** A/N ***

I would like to give a massive shout out to @Abygail Stylik and @Miss Purple TimTam. This chapter is short because I came up with new ideas so sorry but trust me there will be really long ones and I know I said in the previous A/N this chapter will be long, sorry!

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