Rock Me, 1D

Harry Styles has just gotten out of a relationship a few days before One Direction's tour starts. He is looking for the one and while he is searching Aly has a hard time as a big time directioner and she never gets anything she wants. When she finally finds a way around that what will end up happening? Read more to find out what other love stories and relationships are formed. ALSO, please note that there may be some rude stuff and is recommended for those 12/13+ from Chapter 7 onwards!


5. Meeting my idols

We finally arrived at the airport and were met by paparazzi, I was confused, I wasn't even a celebrity and I got this treatment? Maybe it was because they found out I won. Now I know why celebrities rage at the paps, it's because they give you a humongous headache! Ugh!! It's irritating and because there's paps, it doesn't mean I'm a c-leb, right?

*** At London Airport ***

We finally got to board off the plane after more than a day's flight. Nothing much happened, most of the flight was spent, sleeping. Ugh, not again! I was met by MORE paps!! I rushed through the crowd and arrived at the front where I saw Paul waiting for me and a limo behind him! OMG, limo, for real?! Paul?! Dream come True for sure! "Are you Miss Aly Chique?" Paul asked. "Yes, I am and you are Paul. Y- you're gonna take me to One Direction! Yay!" I exclaimed obviously over exaggerating.  "I sure am and this is your mum?" Paul asked, pointing at my mum. "Yes, I am but I'm not going to be staying with Aly. I'm staying with my sister at her house so Aly will get her time alone with her idols." Mum stated making me smile. She's the best! 

"Okay, well I will drive you to the boys' hotel and then drive Mrs Chique to her sister's place" Paul confirmed, smiling slightly. "Sounds great!" My mum and I replied at the same time. Paul drove us to the boys' hotel and we were talking and getting to each other better. When we arrived, Paul got a quick call and when he hung up he looked like he was sorry. But sorry for what? "What's wrong, Paul?" I asked, worried. "I have to pick up something for the boys and won't be able to drive your mum to where she's staying but another staff member is on their way" Paul said, sounding really apologetic. "It's okay, we can just take Aly up whilst I wait for the driver" my mum said, sounding like it was no biggy. I WAS SOOO EAGER TO MEET THE BOYS. I grabbed my bigger luggage while Paul grabbed all my other belongings and we headed into the lift. One Direction, here I come. We arrived at the 18th floor and walked to room 1892 and knocked on the door. I guessed they looked through the peephole to see who it was because when they opened the door, all the boys were hugging me and greeting and saying their hellos while I did the same back. "Hi everyone, this is my mum and I'm Aly. I can't believe I have gotten this opportunity. It's like a dream!" I exclaimed.

Harry's P.O.V
We opened the door to see Paul, the winner- she said her name was Aly and her mum. Aly was beautiful! She was really nice and not too fangirl on us which was surprising but I liked it. I could tell she was going to be fun to hang around. Aly has really light brown hair which looks like black but in the light you can see that it's brown. She also has amazing brown eyes and a really nice body. I was wondering if she might be 'the one'. No, maybe not, I just met her! Maybe it's like love at first sight? Nah, she doesn't feel the same way. How do I even know she will be the one? I don't know her! She came around and hugged us all but when she came to hug me she also kissed me cheek (cheekily) and whispered, "You're awesome, Haz! And you're special to me." Did she mean it. She didn't do it to any of the other boys so was I really special? I blushed a bit and I honestly thought I saw her blush when she kissed me. Paul and Aly's mum said goodbye and left Aly with us. "So, Aly do you want to come in and hang out?" I asked, acting cool. "Yes please" she replied happily. "Cool, but first can I talk to you, Aly?" I asked, nervously. "Uh, sure Harry!" She sang still happy. Now, that I think about it, what did she win? The comp was called Dream Directioner experience so what was special about it? I took her into my room and we sat on the bed. "So Aly, what's your full name, where do you come from and how old are you?" I asked, eager to find out the answers, I really do hope she's 18 turning 19 this year. "Well, my full name is Aly Lauraine Ja- Chique. Um sorry Aly Lauraine Chique, I come from Sydney Australia and I'm 18 turning 19 this year." She answered proudly. Awesome just the answer I wanted. "So when's your birthday?" I asked nervously, worried she'd think I'm a creep. "Um, My birthday is on the 3rd of February and I love the fact that it's 2 days after yours!" She responded. "Cool! So, anything interesting in your life?" I asked and then her smile turned into a frown. "Sorry if that upset you!" I apologised. "It's ok. Well, a lot of things have gone on. When I was 10 my parents decided to adopt my foster sister, Catherine who is 2 years older than me and that was the worst mistake ever because she had been planning something evil since she stepped into our house. 2 years ago, her plan succeeded. She turned my dad in for no reason. She made up false stuff and was convincing enough to give him life sentence but just recently my dad got let out. Also, I was considered popular in my school which had always been a bad thing for me. The other cheerleaders tried to make me bully others but I always got away from it somehow. I don't like making people's lives miserable and I promised myself that I never will" She told me. I was devastated and shocked. Such a wonderful girl received such misery. "That's really bad. Are there any good things that have happened? Have you won any comps like you won this one?" I asked, still feeling sad for her. "Actually, the only good things that have happened are that my dad got released out of jail, I got into my dream performing arts college and I won this comp. Other than this, I haven't ever won anything. I never got any 1D merchandise, it's been tough but since my dad came back everything was slowly starting to get together again but my dad has to travel often so I miss him a  lot" Aly explained. tears slowly started to form in her eyes. I pulled her closer and hugged her. A part of me just felt like I needed to protect her, it was telling me Aly was the one. But I knew I needed to learn more and see where it all goes.


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