Rock Me, 1D

Harry Styles has just gotten out of a relationship a few days before One Direction's tour starts. He is looking for the one and while he is searching Aly has a hard time as a big time directioner and she never gets anything she wants. When she finally finds a way around that what will end up happening? Read more to find out what other love stories and relationships are formed. ALSO, please note that there may be some rude stuff and is recommended for those 12/13+ from Chapter 7 onwards!


7. First Date Or What?

Harry's P.O.V

I finally get to call Aly MY girlfriend and I love that. It gives me tingles inside whenever I call her babe or when she calls me babe or even thinking about her as mine! "Harry, I'm going to get changed the other boys and I are going to play soccer/football at the park. Are you coming?" Aly asked. "Oh okay, I'm coming too then. I'm just going to get changed" I replied. I really wanted to have a proper date with the love of my life but I have never gotten the time to. There is still one question that's been in my head ever since I saw Aly standing in front of our hotel door, well 2, what is the dream directioner experience?! It has been driving me CRAZY! And the second was to ask her out.


---After the match back at the house-----

So, Louis, Eleanor, Aly and I won! The score was 4-9 so the guys and Perrie didn't do too well today. Aly and I walked into my room and sat on my bed. Now is my time! "So, Aly I was wondering if you would- " I got stuck and couldn't talk anymore. Come on talk dude, talk! Finally Aly finished off my sentence, "Go out with you?". I nodded in response considering I still couldn't talk. Aly noticed and giggled which was a big turn on. "What about 7pm at that Japanese sushi place near the hotel? Or that Italian place for pasta and pizza?" Aly asked. I was finally able to talk again, "7 sounds good but where? Hmm, sushi is cool considering I haven't had Japanese food in a long time and we just had pizza last night and pasta the night before". "True, very true. So 7 at that Japanese place downstairs?" Aly confirmed. "Yup. I'm excited" I stated. "Me too, Haz!" Aly agreed. 

Aly's P.O.V

I can't believe Harry asked me out! Well he kind of had to sooner or later but he did it! Hmmm well it's 4pm and I've still got 3 hours. NAIL POLISH! Yes, I seriously needed to get my nails sorted out but never got the chance to. Colour: light purple. Decoration/pattern: One Direction stuff. And I also went over it with a clear coat to make it sparkle. Oh, clothes! I'm going to wear something simple but pretty. 

Accessorizing, my favourite stage! A cute black headband with a white bow, dangly earings and my ring from Diva, it was a mood ring but also a very special charm with a locket. Makeup: Well, I hardly ever put on makeup but when I do only a bit. Today, I'm going to go for red lipstick, blue eyeshadow and mascara. Oh gosh, it's 6:45, I'm so slow! Last but not least hair which I curled and tied half with my headband on top. Voila! Just on time 7:55 and Harry called me, "Aly babe, are you ready?". "Yea, I will be right there". I walked down the stairs of the suite and to the living room where I twirled around for Harry. His mouth dropped, "Wow! You look so pretty! And it's simple but effective! I love it, babe" Harry complimented. "Why thank you sir" I thanked. "Your welcome ma'am. May I?" Harry put out his arm and I put mine through.

We walked to the restaurant and sat at the island where the sushi train was. I looked in awe as I saw all the delicious types of sushi rotate. I licked my lips, "Yummy!" "Haha, you won't know until you eat it". We ate and ate a lot and I'm telling you it was delish! "Now you know"Harry said. "Yup and I know that it was scrumptious!" I exclaimed. "So, I've been dying to ask you something for ages now!" Harry said out of nowhere. "What have you been dying to ask me for ages, Harry" I exaggerated. "Well, what exactly is the Dream Directioner experience" Harry asked. "Well, it's every directioner's dream! We get to stay with you guys until either you guys or I don't want to live together anymore! So if you guys want to then you can literally keep me forever! But I still have to be like home-schooled and all that if I stay for long enough and my mum will go back whenever she's ready as well.  Although, we might sell the house if I stay here because my mum's side of the family lives here and my dad's always travelling. Besides, he's mostly around the UK so it'd be more convenient." I replied. "Oh that's awesome! I'm really happy that you out of all girls won this then, no affence to other directioners but if I hadn't met you I would've never found the love of my life" Harry replied sweetly. "Aww that's so sweet Harry. So will you keep me?" I questioned. "Yes! I'm sure the other boys would be happy aswell. I mean your my girlfriend, you are Niall's eating mate, Louis' prank buddy, Zayn's advice person and Liam's match- maker. You relate to all of us". Harry stated and it was very true. Niall and I eat a lot, Louis and I prank the others ALL THE TIME, I give Zayn advice and I actually got him to stop smoking and start swimming lessons, I helped Liam find a new girlfriend after his 2nd depressing break up with Danielle so he's actually very happy now and last but never in a million years, least, Harry  because we both love each other with all our hearts, we care for each other and I hope we were meant to be.

"Well, it's getting cold, do you want to head back upstairs now?" I asked, awkwardly. "Uh yea sure but after I do something" Harry said. "Do Wh-" I said before getting cut off my Harry's sweet, gentle lips pressed on mine. He bit my lip for entrance and I let his tongue slip in and we moved in sync and our lips fit perfectly together.

Harry carried me bridal style to or suite. When he opened the door we saw that the others were watching a movie so we snuck in without them catching us and Harry was still holding me as he climbed the stairs, into his bedroom. He placed me down and we continued our kiss from before. It was filled with passion as we were able to move in sync once again. Harry pushed my down against the bed and started kissing down my neck. I moaned, causing him to bite my neck and then move back to our lips. I played around with the the buttons of his shirt and then slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. When I slid it off I drew circles on his back when there was a knock on the door, "Hey guys, when did you get home? Can we open the door?" Zayn said. "Just a sec please wait" Harry called as he slipped on his shirt. I decided to put on my pyjama dress on that I left in his room, just in time as the door bursted open. "Geez guys be patient" Harry told them. "You guys weren't doing anything, right?" Liam asked, worried. "Uh, no. Now get out, I'm going to be sleeping in Harry's room tonight" I explained. "Okay well as long as you two don't do anything the fine" Niall stated. "Okay" Harry and I sung together. And I fell asleep on Harry's bare chest.

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