Rock Me, 1D

Harry Styles has just gotten out of a relationship a few days before One Direction's tour starts. He is looking for the one and while he is searching Aly has a hard time as a big time directioner and she never gets anything she wants. When she finally finds a way around that what will end up happening? Read more to find out what other love stories and relationships are formed. ALSO, please note that there may be some rude stuff and is recommended for those 12/13+ from Chapter 7 onwards!


9. Best Friends!


- Aly's P.O.V-  


After that night with Harry, we hadn't spoke to each nor the boys much. With either Harry or me around, there would always be awkward silences. We didn't do anything that night but I still did feel really uncomfortable, I just wish someone could come and make me confident around Harry again.


The boys and I were sitting on the couches, watching a movie when suddenly Niall and Liam stood up. "I've got a date with a girl named Hayley, guys sorry but I've got to go!" Niall apologised. "Ya me too. I have a date with a lovely girl named Kelli" Liam spoke.


Hayley and Kelli.... I had heard those two names before. It had been nearly a month since we left home and I already forgot everything back there. My friends, school, all that stuff. 


The whole day, we were bored. No one spoke, only moved. The door bursted open out of nowhere and in came Niall and Liam with two girls who had familiar faces. The girls turned to see me and their eyes widened in shock as they started whispering to each other. I heard them squeal as they turned back to face me.


The taller one spoke up, "OMG Aly! Is that you?! It's been ages gurl!".

"How do you know me?" I asked.

The shorter one's expression turned from excited to worried, "How do you not remember your two childhood besties?! Did you get into an accident, A?" 

"Uh no...", I tried thinking really hard and then it clicked into my mind. The two girls were Hayley and Kelli!, "OMG! How dumb was I not to remember?! Hayles! Kels! I missed you girls to death!" 


"So you girls all know each other?" Liam raised his eyebrows.

"Yup!" I replied.

"Cool... So do you guys owe Liam and me something for reuniting you?" Niall asked.

"No way, Nialler!" Hayley exclaimed.

"So how and why did you girls come all the way to the UK?" I questioned.

"Uh, well we kind of wanted to give up college because we wanted a break from studying so we thought why not travel to London" Kelli explained.

"But what we forgot was that you won the competition!" Hayles reminded herself.

"So how did you girls end up with Niall and Liam?" 

"That's a whole other story, Aly!" The 2 pairs exclaimed at the same time. 




Soooo sorry for the short chapter.. I kind of got some hate not just on but somewhere else because of the innapropriate scene in chapter 7 (which I deleted). My friend actually helps me and she wrote that. I don't really read her chapters so I just put it up without checking. If you liked that 'sexual scene', sorry! I'm just really upset. Everyone on was really nice to me about the chapter but on one of the other social sites, I goot heeeeaaaaaaapssssssss of hate so I was really sad...

I think she was inspired by A LOT of the other Movellas that we read so yea.....

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