Caolan's Day

This isn't a story about how a princess met her prince, and how they lived happily ever after...


2. Our friendship.

When I was in year 9 (3rd year) I began getting annoyed with boys, and how I couldn't get one to like me. I made the mistake of confiding this in Caolan. He then claimed we could be 'friends with benefits'. 

(I was 13 at this point, so our 'friends with benfits' deal was more like we could snog and not worry about feelings).

This went on for a couple of months, I was quite happy with myself. I hadn't told any of my friends Caolan's real name because I was feeling slightly guilty about being in that sort of a relationship with such a douche, so they all knew him as Samsun. This guilt increased after he took it one step too far and tried to take advantage of me when he thought I was drunk. I told him after that that I had had enough and we weren't to carry on.

A few months later I got a text from him asking to meet up. Because I had just been turned down by the guy I liked, I went along to see him. He apologised profusely and did this annoying thing he did where he could always make me forgive him. So it started again.

My other friends at this point where beginning to make it clear that they thought I was making him up. I then panicked and did the ridiculous thing of lying to get them to believe me. I made a twitter account in his name and everything; forgetting that my friends are intelligent people. So to this day they don't believe any of the story.

So me and Caolan carried on for another few weeks until I found out what he got up to when he was back over in ireland.

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