Elisie-May Smith is 14, her dad regulary beats her and her mum up. They run away to Manchester. While they are there they make a shocking discovery, they are realated to Louis Tomlinson.They go to see him and reavel who they are... Louis long-lost cousins. While they are staying with Louis and the boys Elisie-May falls for Niall however Liam falls for her. Which one will she choose?


3. The Plan


I slept well last night, for once. It was probably because I knew we coud go, it was the day dad normaly went to his mums, she didn't like us so we didn't go. Mum took the day off work because I pretended I was really ill. Dad walked out of the house cursing us because he slept in late, somehow everything that went wrong was now our fault. I had packed all of my stuff up already, all of my clothes, favourite teddy and things that I could sell just incase we needed money. I knew I was going to do this for about a year so all my money I got from my Saturday shop and family at Christmas was put in a box which I hid in my wardrobe so we had enough but I didnt know whether  my mum would have any as she new nothing about it. I shouted her and she came running up thinking something was wrong, I told her to pack her stuff, all her clothes, everything. I ran downstairs grabbed a bag and filled it with food, drink and blankets. Mum came running downstairs with her bags, and asked what we were doing. I said nothing but trust me. We both ran back upstairs and got a bag of toothbrushes, soap, towels and make up ready. Just then we heard the door open, oh no, dad was back really early. What was happening? I grabbed all of my bags and mum then ran to my window. I had made a second plan, jump onto the kitchen roof then escape the back was, dad must of heard us jump or something because he came running upstairs. I told my mum to jump, she wouldn't, he ran into my room just as I persuaded her to jump. We grabbed the bags and ran, we could she him behind us. We just kept running, until I fell and twisted my ankle.

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