Elisie-May Smith is 14, her dad regulary beats her and her mum up. They run away to Manchester. While they are there they make a shocking discovery, they are realated to Louis Tomlinson.They go to see him and reavel who they are... Louis long-lost cousins. While they are staying with Louis and the boys Elisie-May falls for Niall however Liam falls for her. Which one will she choose?


1. The Beatings


I heard my mum cry, I hear it all the time. My dad beats me and my mum up but mum gets it worse. It was fine unti I was about three but then dad turned nasty, he started drinking and cheating on my mum. Mum didn't want him to leave because she couldn't look after me on her own. Both her parents had died when she was 19 in a car crash so she didn't have anyone else to turn to. She tells me about the times when dad was a nice man, they've been together since they were 16, he looked after her when her parents died even though his mum didn't approve for some reason. She shows me all of the pictures from the happy times, when they went on holiday together, there wedding and the birth of me. Elsie-May Smith. Elsie was my mums friends name who died of cancer when she was 13, they were best friends since they could remember and even shared their birthday! May was my dads, ughh I hate calling him that, sisters name, she died was he was 4. She used to love him so much, she told me stories about when they were in school and all the sweet things that they did together. I'm an only child, after me mum didn't want any more kids yet, maybe in the future, but not just yet. See she had me when she was 20, apparently I 'wreked my dads life' or so he says. He tells me all the horrible stuff, when he actually talks to me that is. He's never around any more, always down the pub or with some other girl. And even when he is with us he only ever shouts or demands. I heard him shout now "Where's my tea I'm starving!?" my mum replying with sweet words, "Coming now, darling." My mum keeps saying that one day he'll stop but I know he won't. I'm 17 now, he's been doing this for 15 years. Over the years of being shut in my room, beaten and starved, I've become quite good at making stories. Dad removed me from school when I was 7, afraid I might say something to someone, since then I've not really had an education, my mums taught me some things but she works most of the time as my dad doesn't, so I've had to teach my self. I've got notepads and notepads full of  stories, my mum thinks there really good. I don't think so. I know my mum loves me and I love my mum so that's why I've hatched a plan, to escape...

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