Elisie-May Smith is 14, her dad regulary beats her and her mum up. They run away to Manchester. While they are there they make a shocking discovery, they are realated to Louis Tomlinson.They go to see him and reavel who they are... Louis long-lost cousins. While they are staying with Louis and the boys Elisie-May falls for Niall however Liam falls for her. Which one will she choose?


2. Family Mystery


I've always had a long lost cousin, she went missing before I was born. Her name was Jessica, she was my mums cousin so technicaly she's my second cousin. Apparently, she went missing with some bloke no one approved of when her parents died, who knows where she is now, what she's been through, its been 19 years since anyones heard from her. She could be dead for all we know but no one really thinks about that option. She was a favourite in the family, people tell me about how she used to make everyone laugh, if ever someone was in trouble she used to be one of the first to help and she was an amazing singer. That talent has gone through the family, my nan was a great singer, then obviously Jess, and now me, I found One Direction. There my brothers as well as band mates. I wish I could show Jess how cool our band is, she might of heard of us but she wouldn't realise I was in it as she doesn't even know me. I want to go and find her but no one thinks I should, if she wanted to she would come back, she knows where we are, they all say. I suppose there right, I hope she does.


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