"Quick!" shouted Aalyah. "They're right behind us! RUN!!!"
Malaikah began to slow down. "Im too (Breathe) tired..."

3 Sisters, Aalyah, Malaikah and Nukhaibah are trying to stay together as they are being separated.


1. London!

"Wake up!" Aalyah whispered as she moved Malaikah back and forth.
"What's wrong?" Nukhaibah yawned whilst getting up.
"Look, mum's talking to someone about going to London!" Aalyah answered. They crept downstairs to find their mum talking to grandad.
" Dad, they're need a safe place to live!" Mum spoke. She looked worried.

A few hours later, mum called the 3 sisters downstairs. They tiptoed downstairs.
"Alright! Your grandad is taking you out today."
"Are we going to Grandad's house?" Malaikah asked excitedly.
"Well..." their mum stuttered. They walked into grandad's car and drove off.

It had been 5 hours and they were still in the car.
"Grandad, it only takes half an hour to get to your house." Aalyah repeatedly asked.
"I'm sorry girls! Your dads coming back and he's not very nice..."
"What?" Nukhaibah shouted.
"I would have took you to my house but he comes there as well so I'm taking you to a..."Grandad began to slow down, "ORPHANAGE!!"

The girls stared in shock. Suddenly, they drove past a sign saying,
"23 miles to Orphanage"
After 10 minutes, Aalyah thought of a plan and whispered to Malaikah and Nukhaibah,
"We can't go to an orphanage. Alright! When I..." She began telling them the plan.

"Grandad, I need toilet!" Malaikah asked as she began to open the door.
"Go on! But be quick!" Grandad hurried.

"3...2...1... RUN!!" Aalyah shouted whilst she pushed Malaikah and Nukhaibah out of the car.
"Come back here!" Grandad shouted.
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