1 Year Later (A Smosh Story)

Sequel to "Thanks For Taking Me In (A Smosh Story"

I hope you enjoyed the first book, because now Ian and Emily are thinking of getting married, Anthony and Kalel are married, with a kid on the way, and Smosh is doing better than ever!

In this book, you will see what will happen 1 year later, for the Smosh boys and girls. So grab some popcorn, pull up a seat, put on some classy music, and join me and Smosh on an AMAZING journey, through time and space (Doctor Who theme plays in the back)

Disclaimer: Don't own Smosh, blah de blah de blah, only own Emily, blah de blah de blah, don't sue me Smosh please, blah de blah de blah,



4. VidCon......... BITCH!!!!!!!

We woke uip early, Ian shaking me awake. I looked at my phone. 4 o'clock. I sighed and fell backi on the pillow.


"Oh, c'mon, ya have to get up," Ian whined.

"I DON'T CAREEEE!" I said, stating a PewDiePie reference.

"Oh, don't do a bro on me," Ian shouted. He started to pull my arm.

"Ughhgghsjavfb," I moaned. I was excited to go to videcon, yet I was so tired.

"Please get up!" Ian pleaded, "I'll...... I'll take you to starbucks and buy you the biggest coffee ever."

"Fiiiiinnnnnneeeee," I mumbled. If I would get up for anything, it would be a Starbucks coffee. Shower time.


I washed my hair and I had gotten this dye for my hair, so I tried it. It was one of those wash in ones. When I got out of the shower, I went to do my hair. It looked amazing. I dried it and straightened it with those straightners of Mari's and got dressed. I found my clean Smosh shirt (I didn't have many other shirts), my jeans, a beanie and hightops. I decided to do my make up natural, going for eyeliner, mascara and cover up and then went to the kitchen, to find Anthony, Kalel and Ian.


"Oooo-oo-ooo," Anthony jumped up and went to mess with my hair. "what she's done to her hair."

"Anthony Padilla, if you touch my hair one more time, you won't know what's hit you."

He jumped back, 'cos I had such a glare on my face. Ian and Kalel chuckled and I went to poor myself some coffee.


"So, VidCon?" I asked. "What's it like then." I sat down beside Ian with my mug and put my head on his shoulder. He played with my hair, corefully, mind.

"Ah, not to bad. Got a few of the crazy fans, the annoying fans, the stupid fans, the don't-even-know-who-you-are fans and the cool fans."

"The dont-even-know-who-you-are fans?" I asked, curiously.

"Yeah, the one's that have only watched a few of your video's and don't understand a single reference."

"Ohhh, those fans!" I said.

"Yup, now, how about that coffee?"




When we arrived at the VidCon centre, there was Mari. She was wearing nearly the same as me, except her shirt was a Super Mari Fun Time one.


"Hi Mari!" Ian shouted over to her.

"Oh, hi Ian!" she shouted back, still signing autographs. "I'll be over in a minute!"

"K, we're gonna go find where we're at," Anthony shouted.

"I'll text you, k?" I screamed over.

"Yup see you then!" she shouted back, before she was devoured in the crowd.

"Come on, we'd better find were our stage bit is," Ian said, as he dragged me through the crowd. Whe we finnally found it, I was exhausted, so I sat behind Ian and Anthony, chatting to Kalel, while they signed auto-graphs.


"Oh my God, congrats!" I said to her, hugging. "When's the baby due?"

"3 months or something," she replied. "I can't actually believe me and Anthony are going to have a baby!"

"Oh, God," I said back. "You're both so cute together. The wedding was adorable."

Anthony and Kalel had gotten married a few months ago. Ian and I knew it was only a matter of time before they had a kid.


"Thanks!" she replied happily.

"Yo, Kalel, Emily!" Anthony shouted over.

"Yeah, what do you want?" I shouted back.

"Some guys want an auto-graph. C'mon." Ian called.

"Ok, ok, we're coming!" Kalel said.


"Hey guys!" Kalel said happily to the two.

"Heya!" said the girl. She was a pretty girl, around 16. She had died her hair the same colour as me and was wearing a Smosh shirt and jeans.

"Heya!" I said to her.

"Oh my God, yoiur Ian's girlfriend!!!" she shouted in my ear. I took a step back, then laughed at her.

"I guess I am," I said to her.

"Can we get a photo with you guys," said her older brother. He was wearing a Tobuscus shirt and holding a camera. "She's been begging to come here all day."

"Yeah, sure!" I said happily. "Ian, get your arse over here!"

"Ok, ok, sheesh," I laughed at Ian.

"Ok, say cheese," said the girls brother.

"Oh my God, thank you!!!!" she started to fangirl. Me and Ian looked at eachother and laughed at her.

"It's nothing," Ian said hugging her. She was flipping out in his arms, and Ian gave me a wink. I laughed while I hugged her as well and said goodbye. She was torturing her brother.


"So, thats the crazy fan?" I asked Ian.

"Yup, dont cha luv em?" he replied. I laughed and we started to get ready for the live show on the stage.




"HEY GUYS!" Ian shouted over the microphone. They were on stage doing their preformance.

"Wussup?" Anthony said, doing his gangsta impression. Me, Kalel and Mari were sitting of stage, laughing at them. The whole crowd shouted a load of stuff I wasn't even sure of and so the boys continued.

"OK, guys, we're gonna be answering some questions today!" Ian said over the mic. The whole crowd shouted and the VidCon helpers went to find some people.

"Where's Mari, Emily and Kalel?" asked a kid. All of us girls laughed to eachother.

"Their of stage, du-uh!" Ian said, laughing slitely.

"Cab you get them on stage?" asked another person. Ian and Anthony started pulling our arms, and we finally gave in. The VidCon people gave us extra microphones, and we went on stage smiling.

"Hi guys!" I said. Their were multiple shouts of hi's and hey's.

"Oh my God, is that CrazyBlogga?" asked a kid to his mum.

"That's CrazyBlogga, isn't it?"

"Oh my gosh! CrazyBlogga!"


There were numerous shouts of my name around the theator, so I just said, "Yeah! It's me CrazyBlogga!"

People started to make 'whoa' noises a'wow' and I just laughed along with Ian.




After the show, we jumped of stage and talked about all the crazy fans we had met. I couldn't believe so many knew who I was, and I couldn't wait to come back a year later.

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