New Characters

Need a character for a movella? Can't think of a character? Well, come and have a look at some characters I made for you. Use the characters if you want :3 Hope I can help you! Comment a scene (Horror story, romance story, animals etc)


4. Wendy James

Wendy James is a classic fourteen year old "nerd". She wears black glasses and has straight red hair, which is usually in a ponytail/bun. She has a small tan and blue eyes which change with her emotions. The colors they change to are green, blue-green or even a light violet color. She is fairly skinny, but eats almost everything. More importantly she just wants to fit in most of the time.  At school she is known to be very quiet and smart, but getting to know her she's active, funny, and quite loud. Wendy has a part-time job at the skating rink and enjoys that job very much because she's very good at it and she loves to skate. You can often find her wearing pastel Tees and jeans in an everyday outfit, and find her hanging out at the skating rink, pool, library, and park with her friends.

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