New Characters

Need a character for a movella? Can't think of a character? Well, come and have a look at some characters I made for you. Use the characters if you want :3 Hope I can help you! Comment a scene (Horror story, romance story, animals etc)


5. Sydney Breenan

Sydney Breenan is a girl at the age of seventeen. Her biggest trait is hopeless romantic as she is always searching for her soul mate. Otherwise she is outgoing, but can be short-tempered and get jealous very easily.  She has long, straight, black hair and blue eyes with streaks of green in the iris, also long, dark, eyelashes. Her skin is tan and she is the average  height/weight for her age. Her last relationship was ended two weeks ago, and was a relationship which lasted for approximately a month. She is usually wearing designer Tees and jean-shorts and usually found near popular places with her friends. 

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