New Characters

Need a character for a movella? Can't think of a character? Well, come and have a look at some characters I made for you. Use the characters if you want :3 Hope I can help you! Comment a scene (Horror story, romance story, animals etc)


2. Cherity Grey

Cherity is a fourteen year old girl with a short temper and a flawed personality. She has messy red hair that is chopped into a rough bob as the result of an arument with her dad and she chopped her hair short.At school she is very loud and hates other people touching her belongings. At home she is always being told off for slamming the doors constantly. She Has green eyes with short brown eyelashes. She's five foot eight and skinny. She plays hockey, on a mixed girls and boys team, and has received quite a few penalties from aiming the puck at the boy's "area" (And hitting it too). She is often seen wearing gothic clothes, and is mainly seen with her friends at the more darker areas of town.

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