New Characters

Need a character for a movella? Can't think of a character? Well, come and have a look at some characters I made for you. Use the characters if you want :3 Hope I can help you! Comment a scene (Horror story, romance story, animals etc)


7. Chelsea Magormium

Chelsea Magormium is an unique girl. Blonde sleek hair, blue eyes with flawless skin. She is very popular at her school, but she hates it. At night, after 10pm, something inside of her snaps and her usually bubbly and kind personality changes into a rude and snappy girl. She doesn't want to ruin her reputation in her school so to hide her true identity, she puts on a special secure black wig and some neon pink clip on highlights. She uses heavy emo-style make up instead of her usual blush and lipstick. She may be popular but she never goes to late night parties and nobody knows why

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