New Characters

Need a character for a movella? Can't think of a character? Well, come and have a look at some characters I made for you. Use the characters if you want :3 Hope I can help you! Comment a scene (Horror story, romance story, animals etc)


3. Becky Richards

Becky is an eighteen year old girl with more personality than anyone else you know. She sometimes has major moodswings, but she is fairly normal anyway. She is usually kind, reliable, a good student at her university, and a good friend. But when she gets mad you run as fast as you can. Becky has long black hair, with purple streaks. She usually has her hair in a braid, with her fringe hanging over her eyes.  Her eyes are grey with flecks of blue in them. Becky always wears make-up, although it's mostly just mascara and eyeliner. She has always had her best friend Ari, by her side since kindergarten. She is tall, and skinny. She is usually seen in her trademark shirt and sneakers, but occasionally she wears a denim skirt with leggings underneath.

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