1D True Problems

This is a book about real problems that One Direction face because of rumors spread by fans, and what people that don't like one direction comment and because of this the One Direction fan base is small so please please please read this Fan Or Not PLEASE READ THIS comment what you think please


2. Fake Identity's

So people have made the boys life bad by over  doing what the boys have said for example Niall once said he loved food this was true but some fans think that all he is about is food food food and more food, but its not Niall is much more than that. Yes he likes food allot but i went on this quiz made by a fan and a question made me cry because it said: 'Who cares about food more than anything?' I mean i knew who they meant but I just quit i couldn't take that.


And there is also Louis in a similar position from a Video diary when he said 'I like girls who eat carrots' Now people have started to take the mickey out of him because of it I mean the boys you would think don't really care but I know they will deep down!!!!


So please please please stop all of this!!!!!! 

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